22 June 2010

Richard and Kathy's Wedding at Speke Hall and the Hope Street Hotel, Liverpool

I love photographing weddings for people who are older as there is something really meaningful and sensitive in their vows and the way they approach their wedding day. And the wedding of Richard and Kathy was just like that. I actually cried - twice! But I wasn't alone as I noticed a lot of people were wiping their eyes. This is just a tiny selection of their ceremony and the time immediately after it, along with a fabulous image taken from the balcony of the Hope Street Hotel in Liverpool where they had their reception. The photograph was taken especially for Richard to hang in his office so that he has a fabulous panoramic view of the city of Liverpool on his wall.

Laura's Fashion Styled Photo Shoot

Laura booked me to do a photo shoot in the style of a model portfolio so that she could have some fun, and I'm hoping she did, because I certainly enjoyed myself. She styled her clothes herself, and it really showed that she has a flair for this! Here is a sneak peak of some of her photographs. Can't wait to show her all of them!

Naomi and Ian's Wedding in Waterloo and The Isla Gladstone Conservatory, Stanley Park

This is a really quick sneak peak for Naomi and Ian before they go off on their honeymoon! Some couples you just connect with in a way you feel like you've always known them, and Naomi and Ian are those kind of people (don't worry, you two, I'm not about to start stalking you!). Naomi looked simply stunning in her dress - and I love that when I showed her a photograph on the back of the camera she said "Oh, wow, that lady there in that photograph looks amazing!' She couldn't believe it was her. Ian had a suit made for him and he looked really cool in it.

And as a result of both of them owning their wedding clothes it means that we are able to do a second shoot together - I usually call these 'Gown Again' photo shoots, but it's going to be so much more than that with Ian in his suit. I can't wait for them both to decide where we are going to do this! Anyway, for now, here is a little selection of their beautiful wedding photographs just as a teaser!

Nina and David get married at the Doubletree In Chester

Black and white wedding photography seems to add a whole different dimension to wedding photographs, and I just love how Nina and David's wedding at the Doubletree at the Hilton in Chester turned out in black and white. It's almost as if the emotions become so much stronger as a result. Here's a sneak peak of their day at one of the most beautiful hotels in Chester - and the staff were fabulous in the way they looked after us too!

I just love this photograph of Nina's parents as they exchanged a glance at the point where Nina and David made their vows. It says so much - and on the wedding day helped me to shed a tear!

Jenna and Mark's Wedding at Thornton Manor, Thornton Hough, Wirral

Jenna and Mark's wedding at Thornton Manor was a truly beautiful affair. Jenna's dress was spectacular and she looked beautiful in it. The two of them seemed to fit both the church in Thornton Hough and Thornton Manor itself. This is just a sneak peak at their wedding photographs from the day, starting with Jenna's dress.

Dianne, who was working with me as my second shooter for this wedding, will be really proud to see one of her photographs featured in the blog!

The Music Room at Thornton Manor is such a spectacular backdrop for a reception, and deserving of its own signature image.

... and Mark's favourite image of the day - I'm sure Jenna will be agreeing with him!