27 July 2012

Jenny and Dave's Wedding in Woolton and on to West Tower in Aughton

Friday was a rare day in the British summer - although there were dark clouds threatening at one or two points, we actually saw the sun and had a reasonably good day for Jenny and Dave's wedding. It was definitely a family affair, with Jenny being the eldest daughter of 5 (I'm still amazed that Karen and Joe had smiles on their faces - or was that the joy at having one daughter married? Hmmmm) - she had her 4 sisters as her bridesmaids, all looking elegant in their dark blue dresses, and they were joined by Dave's sister too, who I have to say is one of the best bridesmaids I've ever come across! I think she should be hiring herself out for weddings, she looks after people so well.

The wedding took place in Woolton, and as I arrived I noticed that the cars were being driven by my old friends at Barrington Cars - and it was also a pleasure to see Godfrey again, who I've previously encountered taking the wedding ceremonies at All Hallows and St Bartholomews, but as a family friend he came to preach the sermon and generally enjoy himself at the celebrations later.

After the ceremony we all went over to West Tower, which is now my most local venue, just about a mile away since we moved. I have always loved the West Tower, and so it is a pleasure when I get the chance to return there to photograph weddings. And Friday was no exception, right up to the band in the evening. Here is a sneak peek of the day - I can't wait to show Jenny and Dave their whole selection of photographs when they get back from their honeymoon.

23 July 2012

A little hint with more to come .... Pre-Wedding Shoot

This really is a quick sneak peak, with more to follow - from Bryony and Mark's pre-wedding shoot.

15 July 2012

What a relief!

At last! Normal service is resumed, we have internet, so time to catch up with emails, uploads etc. Sorry for the delays this has created. It's such a relief to get things moving again. Having no internet really feels like you've hit a big block. I don't think I realised how much I rely on the internet for my business. And so it's scary to be cut off. Thankfully BT eventually accepted that there was a fault and have agreed to pay compensation, but I think I'd have preferred a speedy acceptance that I needed their help rather than all the brush off I got for days! Anyway, everything is back to normal and this week I'll be catching up on everything.

06 July 2012

Continued Internet Issues

A quick apology to anyone who has emailed me or is waiting to hear from me - I am having continued internet problems with our internet being so slow that I am sure pages loaded quicker by dial up in the 90s! 

At last I have managed to get BT to take notice of me rather than having them insist that I accept that I should wait until after 14th July to see if things improve, but at the moment I don't know if I will have fully active internet for at least another week. I shall do what I can to access internet through other means, but in the meantime I am sorry for the delay in getting in touch with people.

If you need to contact me urgently please call me on my mobile on 07792 650 742.