29 August 2008

Emma and Ian in The Lake District

I am starting to think that Rob and I are the good weather photographers! OK, so towards the end of the day we got a little rain, but when we were photographing Emma and Ian's wedding in the Lakes recently we mainly had a good day, even though rain was forecast. The views were amazing, as was the location, The Cragwood Manor Hotel between Windermere and Ambleside. Emma and Ian looked very at home!

These photographs just show a little of the great day we all had in The Lakes ... although Rob and I chickened out of the boat ride on the choppy looking lake at the end of the day!

25 August 2008

Annika and Adam, Alingsas, Sweden

I have just had a fantastic few days over in Alingsas in Sweden where I photographed the wedding of Annika and Adam alongside my dear, sweet friend Petra Hall. I have never been to Sweden before and I discovered it is a truly beautiful country, with lovely people who are so welcoming. The whole wedding was fantastic - and so very different in many ways from what I am used to when I photograph in the UK and Italy.

Let me see if I can remember it all. Well, firstly, we were able to photograph Annika, Adam and their bridal party for a short time before the ceremony, which I just loved - and Annika and Adam were so much more relaxed about the ceremony when the time came because of having seen each other first.

We then went on to the beautiful church and the service started with Annika's cousins singing the song Right Here Right Now (My Heart Belongs To You) originally sung by Agnes Carlson. After the ceremony, instead of throwing confetti everyone threw rice over the couple to bring them good luck and good fortune for the future. And then we got to go off to a park, just the bride and groom and the two of us to be able to take photographs for over an hour! That just never happens in the UK, so it was fantastic to have time to work properly with the couple, and we were able to get some amazing photographs as a result.

So here is a sneak preview, I'll tell you more at the end, after the photographs.

Annika, the bride - the crown on her head was made by her grandfather and it contains family initials and gems important to the family, making up the something old and something blue.

Adam, the groom, looking a little nervous at this stage in the day.
The beautiful church in Alingsas.
Marika, the bride's sister - isn't she gorgeous? With David, one of the bestmen to the left ... yeah, ok David, you're gorgeous too!

Aren't they gorgeous?

So let's see, what else happened? Well, at the meal (which was delicious!) there were alsorts of games and songs. For example, when the groom left the room all the men in the room ran up to the bride and kissed her, and then when the bride left the room all the girls jumped and ran up to the groom to kiss him. Another bizarre practice was for the guests to chink their glasses so that the bride and groom would kiss. And I loved how there were two seats set up in front of the bride and groom so that any guest who wanted to talk to them just had to go up and sit on the seats.

When it came to the speeches anyone could put their name up to do a speech, read a poem, sing a song, whatever they wanted. And then we sang songs in Swedish and English, burst balloons, cut the cake and danced to Abba songs ... no, really, we did!

So a big big thank you to Annika and Adam for letting me experience a Swedish wedding, and to Petra for having me along to accompany her as photographer for the day. It was lovely to work with another fantastic photographer, and to meet her mum, Gun.


I am a very proud mum at the moment! Ellie has received her GCSE results and has done really well. She managed to get 3 As, 4 Bs and 2 Cs with a pass at C for her Russian which wasn't quite a GCSE but her pass is equivalent to a GCSE at C grade.

So she has now enrolled at college to do Music, Music Technology, Film Studies, Religious Studies and General Studies at A level.

21 August 2008

New Website

So carrying on with the theme of exciting times .... the new website will be up this weekend! I still have more galleries to upload, but I am really pleased to be able to at least launch the new site - when you go to the site you can click on one of three buttons - one to come back here to the blog, another to take you to the wedding site and the third to take you to the portrait and fashion site.

I'd love to hear what you think of the new look.

Post Script ..... Hmmm, seems I was a little premature - the promised time I was given for it to go live has come and gone! So, it's obviously going to be a case of watch this space! Of course, really this was a ploy to build excitement ;)

17 August 2008

These are exciting times for Zoe Photography! So many new things are happening. Firstly, with huge thanks to Stevan Brash at iDesign we have a whole new brand and logo. Here it is!

The colours are a careful choice - the blue represents the fact that we are really fortunate to be based by the seaside in Southport (ok, ok, there's some artistic license because our sea is not quite that colour!), and the reddish colour represents my Nana, who was a very strong woman who has influenced all our lives. When my grandfather was 'missing presumed dead' during WWII my Nana received the standard telegram, but refused to accept that he was in fact dead. Everyone told her she should go out and buy a black coat and go into mourning. She refused - instead she got all the ration coupons together and went out and bought herself a red coat! And she was right to trust her instincts - Henry was alive, albeit in Changi camp, and 4 long years later he returned home. So it is a delight to be able to include the strength of my Nana in the branding of Zoe Photography.

Other changes afoot? Well, next week will see the delivery of our new brochure - please get in touch if you'd like me to send one to you along with our price guide.

And the following week our new portrait brochure comes out. Again, get in touch if you'd like a copy sending to you.

What else? Well, we have taken a stand at Earls Court for the National Wedding Show, 26th - 28th September 2008, and we are really excited to be working with The Designer Bride's Guide in the production of the first issue of guide's magazine. Copies will be available from stand J5 at Earls Court.

When it comes to pricing, we have simplified everything for weddings so that we have two simple packages for weddings from September 2008 - one package at £1,500, and the other at £3,000. All the details are in the new brochure.

And the final bit of news - Rob and I are working hard on finalising our new website which is looking spectacular! It starts with a splash page that has links to three different sites - one to the wedding photography site, one for the portrait photography site, and the third link to this blog. We will let you know when it launches later this week! I can't wait - oh, and just in case you look at the new site at work, be sure to switch off your speakers as we have sourced an amazing track for the wedding site! Still working on music for the portrait site.

So, very exciting times! We are all very excited about the future for Zoe Photography! Come and share it with us - whether you are looking for a wedding photographer, want a family portrait, have a new baby to celebrate, or just want to have some fun celebrating the people you are, then get in touch to book a consultation meeting.


06 August 2008

Photographing a Wedding in Italy with Teri Murakami

I am so lucky to get to photograph weddings in Italy, and next month I shoot the last for this year - looking forward to weddings in Italy in 2009! But the reason for blogging about this is that I get to work with my amazing and lovely friend Teri Murakami who is coming along to be my second shooter and trusted assistant to the last Italy wedding of the year. 

The best bit is that Teri is an amazing photographer in her own right, based in Bournemouth.  I have always loved her work, so it is a great pleasure to be having her as part of the team for Jules and Mick's wedding in Castellabate in September.  Can't wait.

And for any nosey people like me, here is a link to her site, showcasing her gorgeous work:

Another exciting thing about this wedding is that the pre-wedding shoot is going to be in Ravello on the Amalfi coast just before the wedding - I am so excited to be doing this with Jules and Mick and can't wait until September to be able to create some amazing, gorgeous photographs with them!

04 August 2008

Clair and Mark's Wedding at West Tower Country Hotel, Aughton

Clair and Mark got married at our favourite venue on Saturday, West Tower Country Hotel in Aughton near Ormskirk ... and considering how dreadful the weather has been this summer they were so lucky as the rain only started as they sat down to eat.  The West Tower is a beautiful backdrop for a wedding, inside and out, and the elegant simplicity of Clair and Mark's wedding suited the Country Hotel perfectly.

Clair was led down the aisle by the cutest little girls, Tess and Daisy, her nieces, along with her Cheif Bridesmaid, Lorna, and all the girls looked gorgeous.  Mark looked a bit nervous until he set eyes on Clair, and then their happiness shone through for the rest of the day.  It was a perfect day, in every way, and you can tell that Clair and Mark are going to be really happy together.