19 July 2011

Andrew and Jenny's Wedding at Knowsley Hall

Saturday was one of those days that ends so much better than the start of the day promises. It was squally, stair-rod-rain and black skies. But miraculously just as the ceremony started at Knowsley Hall the clouds parted and the sun came out, giving Andrew and Jenny the fabulous day they deserved! Theirs is the perfect love story, having started to date just as they left school, and it was clear that the two of them have a deep love for each other.  The day started and finished with laughter, and as a result of their willingness to play, we got some amazing photographs! Thank you both for making it fun for us! Oh, and that chocolate brownie with white chocolate mousse - it was truly to die for, but then the food at Knowsley Hall is always delicious.

11 July 2011

Model Portfolio Update Days in Liverpool

Isn't it great to get free images from photographers to help you update your book? Trouble is, way too many of those photographers don't work in the fashion industry, and many are new to photography itself so the images you get are hit and miss - if you get them at all.

This summer I am putting on 5 special portfolio update days - and hair and makeup artists from So Coco Rouge will be on-hand for you to book in with them first to make sure your images are the best they can be.  These special rates won't be repeated in 2011, so make sure you book your slot on one of our special model portfolio update days.

Here's what's on offer:
  1. Quick shoot for 15-20 minutes with one look and 3 images on disk (1 each of headshot, full body and half body) for £65 - hair and makeup is optional though advised for £35 per model. This option is usually sufficient for most established models who simply need to update their book with a handful of images.
  2. Mini shoot for 30 minutes with one look and 6 images on disk (2 each of headshot, full body and half body) for £90 - hair and makeup is optional though advised for £35 per model.
  3. Midi shoot for 45 minutes with 2-3 looks and 12 images on disk (4 each of headshot, full body and half body) for £140 - hair and makeup is optional though advised for £35 per model. This option is advised for those models who have changed their look recently and need to update their portfolio.
  4. Location shoot over 2 hours with 4-5 looks and 30 varied images on disk, for £225 - hair and makeup is highly recommended for £35 per model. This option is ideal for the newer model who needs to increase the number of images in their book.
  5. Location couple shoot (with individual images for each model as well) over 3 hours with 4 looks and 40 varied images on disk for both models, for £350 between the two models - hair and makeup is highly recommended for £35 per model. This option is perfect for models who need a combination of couple and individual images.
If you are signed by Pulse Model Agency (http://www.pulseagency.co.uk) I have organised a special rate with them as I am signed with them as a creative. Please get in touch for the Pulse rates. Other model agencies who would like to work with me on model portfolio updates can get in touch to arrange special rates for your models (minimum of 10 models to benefit from special rates).

And just so you can be sure you will receive quality images from an experienced photographer who works in the fashion industry, here is a short slideshow of images I have taken for recent fashion work.

10 July 2011

Getting the Wedding Photographs you Want from you Wedding Photographer

After the wedding it's too late to say "Oh no, you didn't get a photograph of me and my cousin 3 times removed and she's so important to me - we grew up together!" Sure, there are photographs that you expect your photographer to take for you without you giving them instructions (you and your parents and siblings, your groom and his parents and siblings, both of you with any grandparents you have at the wedding). But we wedding photographers are not mind readers, so we are not going to know what pictures are important to you. So here are a few tips to help you make sure you get the most out of your wedding photographer.

  • Trust your photographer - Assuming you have booked an experienced professional photographer to take your wedding photographs (rather than a new or semi-pro photographer, or an enthusiastic amateur or relative with a camera) then you can be assured that they know what they are doing because they have been photographing weddings for years. So you can trust them to know how to direct you in photographs, and you can trust them to capture the story of your day. Despite what is said on some wedding blogs, you really don't need to know how to pose if you have hired an experienced professional wedding photographer. Trust a professional wedding photographer to do an expert job for you.
  • Be ready when your photographer asks you to be - you need to be ready for photographs before your ceremony, so you need to be in your dress with your hair and makeup finished at the time that your photographer requests. The thing that is most likely to make you late is your makeup, as many makeup artists suggest doing you last - but this is the one thing that delays the whole proceedings. Be sure to have your hair and makeup done first, then you will be ready on time for your photographs.
  • Allow time for your wedding photographs - Your wedding day will go so fast you just won't know where the time goes! It's the most common thing that brides and grooms say to me when I photograph their wedding in and around Liverpool. Whatever time you think now that you need to allow for photographs, as well as seeing all of your guests, add time to that!  The main time to focus on is that your venue need to turn the reception room around for the evening do after your reception meal - they need this to be ready by 7.30, and so they prefer you to sit down for your reception meal no later than 4.30. In reality, it's possible to do the meal, the speeches and the room turn around with the sit down meal at 5pm, but this is the latest.  Knowing this helps you plan the rest of the day.
  • Group Photographs take time! - Every group that you add to the list that your wedding photographer needs to take for you takes about 5-7 minutes to set up - longer if people you want in the group have vanished to the bar or to check into their bedroom. Look for ways you can combine groups together, such as both sets of parents with the two of you, both sets of grandparents, all aunts, uncles and cousins together in one photograph.  When I photograph weddings in and around Liverpool I suggest to couples that they limit themselves to 6 groups photographs, which takes about 20-30 mintues, allowing more time for photographs of the two of you, and for you to spend time with your guests.
  • Know what photographs are important to you - And let your photographer know. This might be people that you want to be photographed, or it could be parts of the day, such as your vows, a pictures of your rings, or the details in your reception room. Don't assume anything - if a picture is important to you, then let your wedding photographer know this.
  • Speak to your vicar, priest or venue about photographs during the ceremony - On the day of your wedding, if your vicar, priest or venue tells the photographer that they cannot take photographs during the ceremony, they must respect this.  It is your responsibility to arrange for the photographs to be taken during the ceremony beforehand, putting all the arrangements in place.
  • Arrange for someone to help gather people together - Your wedding photographer doesn't know who the relevant people are for group photographs, so arrange for a couple of the ushers to find the people who need to be in each group photograph and make sure they are ready when they're needed.
  • Work out your timeline with your photographer - Wedding photographers are the one of the only wedding vendors who is with you for most or all of the day, so talk to your wedding photographer about the timings of the day.
  • The first dance - A quiet plea for your wedding photographer - chances are by 8pm your wedding photographer will have worked a long day by 8pm, so although it doesn't seem much to you to put your first dance back an hour, that hour is a long time to your wedding photographer.  and remember, the night won't really begin until you take the dance floor, so get out there, dance, and let the festivities begin!