27 July 2008

Tim and Clare Marry at Eaves Hall, Clitheroe, Lancashire

The weather over this summer has been pretty poor really, and yet on the day that Tim, Clare and I met up to do their pre-wedding photographs the rain stopped, the clouds cleared and the evening was gorgeous.  So of course we joked that it would be the same for their wedding day.  All week leading up to the wedding the forecast predicted clear blue skies on Friday and sunshine and showers on Saturday - but luck was on their side again!  On the Friday we had the predicted storms, and on Saturday when we got up there were just a few clouds in the sky.  For the rest of the day, the skies were blue and there was hardly a cloud in the sky.

So, what a perfect day!  The ceremony and reception were at Eaves Hall, near Clitheroe, a spectacular venue in the Lancashire countryside.  The groom and groomsmen wore a chocolate brown, with pink ties and waistcoats, and it was really nice to see a change from the usual black.  I've put together a selection of photographs of the day - and as Tim and Clare were up for taking direction from me it means that we captured some amazing images both inside and outside Eaves Hall - I particularly love the black and white one where they are on the balcony.  But I have started with a special one of Tim's Granddad Les - he looks like he is a Hollywood mogul!

And then straight after these wedding photographs, take a look at the pictures of Amy and Jenna, who took time out to model for me during the wedding day.

Two new models?

Two of the bridesmaids at yesterday's wedding were so up for modelling - well, it was a shame to miss the opportunity for a quick shoot, so we went off into the grounds of Eaves Hall and did a bit of portfolio work.  Jenna and Amy were so easy to direct that very quickly we built up a range of photographs where they looked great.  I've put just a few on the blog so that the girls can enjoy the moment - Britain's Next Top Model, eat your heart out!

22 July 2008

So Italian

I make a few trips to Italy each year - some for pleasure, and some for work, to photograph a wedding or a fashion shoot.  And I love it!  Ellie and I have just got back from Liguria in the North of Italy where we photographed a wedding, and it got me thinking about what is it about Italy that I love so much - aside from the language being so romantic!  So here are a few photographs from the last trip that say Italy to me .... interesting how many seem to relate to food!

Fraser at 6 months - what a cute kid!

Fraser has the most amazing eyes - the kind that make you feel that he can see into your soul!  They are so big and beautiful.  At only 6 months old you can tell he is going to be breaking hearts when he is older.  It was a real pleasure to photograph him with his mum and dad.

21 July 2008

I just know when we photograph Emma and Ian's wedding in The Lake District in August we will have loads of photographs out of focus because the pair of them have me laughing all the time!  I'm going to have to control my giggles on the day!  The Lakes has to one of our favourite places, so Rob and I are really looking forward to photographing their wedding, and it really helps that Emma and Ian are a really great couple to spend time with, so if the pre-wedding shoot is anything to go by, we are going to have a good day at their wedding.

But for now, here are some of the pre-wedding photographs, showing a couple who told me that they don't photograph well - hard to believe when you see photographs as good as these!

Karen - Dance Teacher and Actress

Karen was an absolute delight to photograph - being a dancer and actress she found it easy to put herself into poses, and with very little direction she provided the perfect images.  We had time for a few changes of clothing, which was fantastic because Karen had brought some amazing dresses with her, all of which showed off her dancers physique to perfection.  I think I might be going to cause Karen a problem when it comes to choosing her photographs - there are too many choose from!  But here is a tiny selection just to whet the appetite.

14 July 2008

Simon and Natalie - The Wedding, Villa Durazzo, Santa Margherita, Ligure

The setting for Simon and Natalie's wedding is just amazing!  Santa Margherita, Ligure, in the North of Italy on the Italian Riviera is a spectacular backdrop, and the Basilica Santa Margherita has to be the most stunning church I have ever been inside.  The priest, who came all the way from Florence so that the wedding ceremony could be held in English, was lovely, with a kind spirit and a gentle heart, befitting of such a glorious church.  It was really sweet when Natalie got out of the car with her mum and dad - all the locals had gathered around the entrance to the Basilica and clapped and cheered her, and then again after the ceremony when the bride and groom came out of the church they were greeted with claps and cheers, and one little boy wanted to kiss the bride!

The reception was held in Villa Durazza, where the Rooney's recently got married, but I reckon this was a far better wedding!  The Villa is gorgeous, and I just hope I managed to captured enough of its glory in the fading light.  I'm thrilled with the photographs, and I hope that Natalie and Simon will love them too.  When we finished photographing the couple, they were kind enough to have arranged food for us, and when we went into the room where it was laid out (all very posh, I have to say!) we were greeted by the band, and Ricardo and Danielle looked after us perfectly (thanks guys!).

The photographs below are just a small selection of what I really wanted to post up on the blog!  I would have loved to show around 50 photographs, but I have to keep some surprises back for when Simon and Natalie come to view their proofs in a couple of weeks!

Natalie with her proud parents, Ken and Helen.
Just before the ceremony, looking like the perfect bride!
A slightly nervous looking groom, with the bridesmaids coming down the aisle behind him.
And the bride and her father enter the spectacular church, the Basilica Santa Margherita.
The bride and groom are both stunning - and strangely don't seem to know it!  A beautiful couple in every way.  And for the second time this year, I cried at a wedding, and then again when I looked at some of the photographs!  I have to get a grip of myself!!!  
We thought at first there was no confetti, but out of nowhere (well, Helen's bag, mainly, I think!) came masses of the stuff!
Antony managed to somehow look like the mafia when we were making our way up to the Villa Durazzo.
And what a backdrop - who couldn't have a great time with a setting like this!
The bride and groom making their way up to the Villa.
The beautiful bridesmaids
And proof, in case it's needed, of who caught the bouquet!
And to finish, the gorgeous couple - when I did their pre-wedding shoot earlier in the year people kept asking me if they are models that I did a mock shoot with - I guess I'll get asked that again with them looking so amazing in their photographs!