29 September 2011

Frame your moment with Zoe Photography

At the beginning of this week I found myself thinking 'I love Autumn! It is definitely my favourite of the seasons!' This was of course because I was wearing boots and looking at the beautiful photographs Zoe had taken of the Barlow family and their autumnal shoot at Sefton Park. They were kicking leaves and running around in wellies and it reminded me of collecting conkers as a little girl with my dad! And I love that, I love the way that other peoples moments can conjure up your own memories!

Then today, I found myself thinking 'I love Summer!' (I still can't believe the weather we are having) and I love walking through the city with the sun on my face and before I realised my mind had wandered to summer days gone by and a smile crept across my face once more.

I love that feeling and there is nothing more special than being able to look back on photographs because really a photograph is a moment framed to keep and cherish.

I got in a taxi recently and the taxi driver told me that one of his favourite family photographs is one where him and his 5 brothers were all sitting on the kerb outside their parents house looking very glum and with no direction. Ordinarily something like that doesn't sound picture perfect, but it was when he explained to me that his mum had had enough of them all squabbling and told them to get out and not come back until they got on with each other! Now to him, whenever he looks at it, it reminds him of all the memories of growing up in a house as the youngest of 6 brothers!

TIme goes so fast and it is so important to have a record of your family story to look back on and as such we have decided to have an Autumnal Offer that is ready for taking advantage of!

For the month of October, if you purchase a family shoot for £125 then that becomes credit towards any purchases you make. So in effect you are getting a free shoot and spending your money on something for you to keep and cherish.  And if you want to be sure you fill someone's Christmas stocking with a lovely family picture, make sure you book now so your shoot can take place before 20th November 2011.

Get in touch to make the most of the Autumnal Offer, although if the weather stays the way it is we may have to change the name! 


19 September 2011

The face (well faces) of Zoe Photography Autumn 2011

We are now well and truly into September, and there is no denying it, the leaves have started to fall and Autumn will soon be upon us, but as sad as we are that summer has faded we are very excited here as we are currently looking for a family to feature in our Autumn 2011 newsletter.

So, could it be you?

We are looking for a family of 4 or 5, with 2 or 3 children aged between 3-7 as well as willing parents who would be happy to be photographed as part of the shoot. As a thank you for your help as well as the complimentary shoot, we would like to give you a print from the shoot to take away with you. 

The shoot has to take place on Saturday 24th September, and if you think that this sounds like you and your family, or a family you know that would be willing and are available this Saturday please get in touch at kathryn@zoephotography.co.uk

09 September 2011

Chris and Claire's Wedding at West Tower Country House, Aughton

I have fond associations with West Tower as it's the place I had my 18th birthday meal, my sister had her wedding reception there (oh dear, nearly 30 years ago!) and we had many celebration meals there over the years. So it's always a pleasure to get to photograph weddings there too. Add into the mix two gorgeous people with fabulous families and friends, and you have the recipe for a great day (don't tell them both that it didn't feel like work!).

Chris and Claire tied the knot at their wedding ceremony at West Tower in Aughton on Saturday, and oh my word did it rain! But in Claire's own words, we 'embraced the rain' and as a result got fabulous outdoor photographs as well as beautiful ones in the gorgeous bridal suite.

Here is just a little taste of what's to come for Chris and Claire and their fabulous West Tower wedding.