30 May 2008

New Workshop Dates

New dates have been released for the Photography Workshops - visit my Mulberry Workshops blog to find out more, just click on the title above and it will take you straight there!

23 May 2008

A Young Hopeful's Modelling Portfolio

Every time I get booked to do a modelling portfolio for teenagers I get told how gorgeous the kid is and this occasion was no different - but the family were so right! This young guy really deserves to be taken on by an agency as he has such a good look, and was so easy to direct. He did exactly what I asked of him, and he could hold a look until he was asked to change. We went around Southport to get a range of photographs and then finished off in the studio where we managed to grab a few really good pictures for the portfolio. I was really pleased as well because my favourite location at the memorials in Southport was accessible again after many months of being blocked off.

Good luck with trying to get into modelling, I really hope you make it! Here are just a few photographs from yesterday.

20 May 2008

Bridal Photographs in Southport

What an amazing day!  A bridal shoot with everyone kitted out like brides for the day!  

It started early for the girls, none of whom are professional models, who all had their hair designed and styled by Shush, Southport's Bridal Hair Salon, based in Birkdale.  Make-up was beautifully applied by Becky and Sian Louise who made each girl shine.  We then got them dressed up in the most stunning dresses from The Wedding Rooms in Formby - designs included were Marylise, Ellis Bridal and Imogene.  

And finally, after everyone got dressed and titivated in my studio we crossed over the road to Owens Restaurant on Hoghton Street in Southport as Tony Owen and Clare were kind enough to lend us their space in the restaurant for the shoot.

Here is just a small sample of the wonderful photographs we were able to capture today, starting with a group photograph - thank you to all the girls involved, and thanks too to Shush, The Wedding Room, Becky, Sian Louise and Tony Owen.

18 May 2008

Simon and Natalie - Pre-Wedding Shoot

Albert Dock was the location for today's pre-wedding shoot - it's a great location, and a beautiful backdrop for two gorgeous brunettes.  Simon and Natalie are getting married in a beautiful area in Northern Italy later in the year, so the Albert Dock is not a patch on such an amazing location, but it was still a fun shoot.  I'm really excited about doing their wedding, particularly after getting such fantastic photographs with them today.

16 May 2008


I've just spent the most amazing week on a course in Florence, learning how to take my photography to a higher level from Jerry Ghionis, an incredible photographer from Australia.  This afternoon I was at a loose end so I photographed Irelands top husband and wife photography team, Keith and Evelyn Woodard to put my new skills to use.  Thanks to Keith and Ev for posing for me!

12 May 2008

Florence in the Spring

This weekend I have been to Florence in Italy - what an amazing city!  Sadly the queues were too long for going into the art galleries, such as the Uffizi, so I'll just have to go back again some time when it's low season to do that. But I still loved the whole experience, soaking up the culture and the atmosphere.  I was accompanied by Dawn, who at the last minute decided it would be a good break, and we had a lot of fun together.  Dawn decided she would have a caricature drawn of herself outside the Uffizi Gallery.

It was fantastic to see the sites of Florence, and it was well worth the walk up to Piazzale di Michalangelo - hard work, but worth every step, just for the amazing views of the Duomo and Ponte Vecchio.

On Friday night  we went to a local Florentine restaurant where we sat on a table with 4 Americans, Christina, Mike, Cathy and Greg, and afterwards we joined them to go and sample a few of the local bars - it was a really great night, and so unexpected.  The meal was a steak, cooked the traditional Florentine way ... hmmm, their version of cooked left a lot to be desired!  But the sweet was to die for!

And as you might guess, I have sampled plenty of Italian ice cream!  Yummy!

Greenbank High School Prom

It was Greenbank High School Prom on Thursday, and Ellie and her friends hired a gorgeous old Cadillac from Birkdale Classic Cars (www.birkdalecalssics.co.uk) to take them to the Prince of Wales Hotel.  It was quite something for all us parents to see our children all dressed up in their finery!  How soon they grow up.  In the first two photographs, Ellie, Robyn and Sarah are standing at, and then sitting in, the car with Ellie's prom date, Michael.  And then they join up with the rest of the girls, Chelsea, Hannah and Jessie before going on to the Prom in Southport's Prince of Wales Hotel.

05 May 2008

I met Snow White today!

When I was photographing Phoebe today I met Snow White!  Phoebe also made Daisy Chain Soup with bluebells, and she showed me her beautiful bedroom, with Lucy the bear.  We had a lot of fun together, and Phoebe was happy to play and enjoy herself while I took photographs.  And we also managed to snatch few quick photographs with Mum and Dad too.  Thank you for such a lovely time, Phoebe, and for showing me how gorgeous you look in your new Snow White dress.

Here is a selection of photographs from today.

04 May 2008

An Afternoon with Sarah

I had a lovely afternoon with Sarah today, baking, gardening, playing on the climbing frame that her Daddy had built for her, and playing in her bedroom with her teddies.  I was also spoilt with a chapter from Matilda, as Sarah's Mummy read to her - that is such a good book!

Sarah was great fun to be around, she is so full of laughter, and very chatty.  I really enjoyed photographing her doing the things that make her happy.  Thank you for a good afternoon Sarah!  I hope you like the photographs - this is just a tiny selection showing a mix of the photographs.  And as promised, I have included the shark!