19 February 2012

Wedding Details: Shoes

I love shoes - I've ALWAYS loved shoes. And I love finding different ways to photograph them. The classical style of these shoes from Caroline's wedding just looked so right in a traditional kind of setting.

On the other hand, Claire's wellies were quirky and needed to be photographed in a completely different style!

15 February 2012

CityShoot Makeover and Photo Shoot in Liverpool: 12 Real Women

I was young once, skinny, beautiful. Did I appreciate it? No, like many women, I yearned for other things - you know the stuff ... straighter hair, longer face (though I liked my nose!), slimmer tummy, straighter teeth. Now I'm 50 I realise how very lucky I was, and I just wish I could have appreciated myself for who I was when I was younger. So, many years later, here I am, more than 3 stone heavier, wrinkles starting to show, grey hairs in abundance, same round face but I am so happy with who I am and how I look. Thankfully.

When we do our CityShoot Makeover Photo Shoots in LIverpool we hear the same things time and again from the women, young and old, slim and curvaceous, who come along to enjoy the Photo Shoot. They didn't know they could look so beautiful, they'd forgotten they could look so good, and our favourite, they didn't know their husband still loved them this way. So we decided to celebrate women as we celebrate Zoe turning 50. This year we are going to photograph 12 women, 12 real women, and give them that wonderful experience of feeling good about themselves. For free!

What do you get? Well, firstly, you have a little bit of pampering with getting your hair and makeup done, followed by an hour long photo shoot in and around our Liverpool studio based in the city's Georgian Quarter on Hope Street. Then you get another bit of pampering at the Hope Street Hotel and return to view your photographs, when you get to choose one picture as a keepsake. We know you're going to love all the pictures, so we'll give you 20% off any purchases you make on the day ... and if you want to go away and think about it, well that's ok, we'll still let you have 10% off for up to 7 days.

But remember, you are going to love all the pictures, so before you put yourself forward to be selected as one of our special 12 real women, make sure you are prepared for one of two things - you'll either need to get your cheque book out, or you need to go out and about and tell all of your friends about the experience. Every referral from you who books a CityShoot Makeover Photo Shoot with Zoe Photography in Liverpool will earn you credit towards pictures from your own shoot!

One more thing though. Zoe's husband has MS, and so we ask that for everyone who is photographed you put between £5 and £10 into the tin as we will be making a donation to the MS Society, our chosen charity.

So what are you waiting for .... if you live or work in Liverpool email us today with your details, telling us why you want to be one of our 12 real women. We look forward to hearing from you - info@zoephotography.co.uk 

07 February 2012

City Shoots - Makeover and Photo Shoot in Liverpool

Our ever popular CityShoots are moving on and growing up!  Now anyone can enjoy the makeover and photo shoot experience with one of Liverpool's most sought after top photographers. From the budget conscious to those who want the full experience, from the camera shy to the camera ready, from the Little Black Dress to the Little Black Number, our CityShoot makeover and photo shoot experience is now the affordable luxury for everyone. And gentlemen, if you are looking for a treat for your wife or the girlfriend believe us when we say that money can't buy how special a woman feels after she has enjoyed one of our CityShoots combined with refreshments at The London Carriage Works at Hope Street Hotel. The number one comment from women is "I didn't know my husband/boyfriend/fiance/partner still thought I was beautiful until he gave me this as a present".  Call us on 0151 708 5838 to give the woman in your life a truly amazing experience

Actor's Headshots in Liverpool

Saturday was dreadful weather, but it didn't stop Emma coming for her headshots.  When we went outside, it was so slippy she even experimented with skating in Converse! I'm surprised she stayed upright. Here is a little sneak peak of one of my favourites.

06 February 2012

Who's this then? One of our latest headshot portfolios in Liverpool

There's a rumour that Daniel Craig has had enough and can't take being Bond anymore! ;-) It's the pressure of competing with Bourne that's done it, apparently.

So we had a rush job of doing headshots for the next possible 007 ... what do you think? Is he in with a chance???

03 February 2012

Nicole and Will's Wedding in New Zealand

January was a very special month for me - I got the best luck in the world! The chance to photograph Nicole and Will's wedding in New Zealand. Now don't get carried away, don't think this is a usual kind of job that I get! Nicole is the daughter of my cousin, Paul, and so when Paul announced that he was going to be a granddad and that Nicole was getting married to Will, her fiance of 2 years, well, it was an easy decision to make to offer my services.

To say we had an amazing time really doesn't say enough! New Zealand is such a beautiful country (and we only got to visit North Island), but even moreso, Kiwis are the most friendly people you can come across - so relaxed, happy, and friendly, but then, who wouldn't be in that sunshine!

An example of that friendliness was in Mike and Julie who, even though they have 6 adorable children, gave over their home and garden for the wedding ceremony. Mike was the celebrant (I love that term - wish we used it here instead of using the word registrar) and he conducted a lovely ceremony for the two of them in the most spectacular of backdrops near to Te Puke.

Paul and his wife Shirley were clearly proud parents, and grandparents, with Shirley not only being Mother of the Bride but also looking after the adorable 3 month old Addison - sadly due to sleep times we didn't get the photographs of Nicole, Will and Addison so we did a shoot a couple of days later (those pictures to follow shortly). And Sophie (Nicole's sister) and cousin Emily were beautiful as bridesmaids, with Elliot as ringbearer.

It's difficult to showcase a wedding in such a spectacular location with a handful of pictures, but I've tried below. I feel like I've missed out so many beautiful pictures though!