29 May 2012

Amy and Mark's Wedding on Wirral and at Hillbark Hotel

After the spring we've been having, who would have thought we'd have such a beautiful and scorching day as we did on Saturday for Amy and Mark's wedding. They had a lovely ceremony at St Peter's in Heswall - and it couldn't have been more extreme in the weather differences as the last time I photographed a wedding there I managed to slip on the ice! This time though the sky was so blue it was almost unreal!

The reception was held at the Hillbark Hotel on Wirral - a beautiful tudor mansion set in spectacular grounds. Amy chose the perfect blue to compliment the decor of Hillbark. And even though the sun was shining, Amy and Mark were keen to make the most of such a beautiful venue. I think the only downside to the whole day was that we didn't get much chance to photograph the two of them with their son, Oliver who was either asleep or desperate to be out of peoples' arms to keep cool!

Oh, and I can't sign off without thanking bridesmaid, Emma, who recommended me to Amy after seeing me at work at Nina and David's wedding a couple of years ago. Thank you Emma.

Here is a little sneak peak of the photographs ... though I don't think it does them justice as there are so many beautiful ones to pick from!

25 May 2012

Zoey and Mike's CityShoot Portrait Shoot in Liverpool

A couple of years ago Zoey came along to the studio with her mum who had won a prize of a CityShoot and she told me that one day she would be back for her own! And so it was a pleasure to welcome her last week with her lovely boyfriend, Mike, for their very own CityShoot in Liverpool's Georgian Quarter. Here is a little slideshow treat of their Liverpool photo shoot.

22 May 2012

Photographing Children in Liverpool

It's that time of year ... at last! Spring has felt like it was a long time coming this year, hasn't it? But now the sun is shining, get in touch to book your photo shoot for the children out on an adventure.  Here are 2 short videos to show you the kind of photographs you can have as a treasured momento of your children - they grow up so fast and in a blink they'll be asking to borrow the car! So capture their beauty and innocence whilst you still can in a location photo shoot with Zoe Photography.

21 May 2012

Pre-Wedding Shoot Slideshow

I love this video of Steph and James' pre wedding shoot last week in Formby. You can see the love they have for each other in every picture!

Emma and Aron get Married at The Isla Gladstone, Stanley Park, Liverpool

A wedding outdoors in May in Liverpool's newest glass house in Stanley Park - the Isla Gladstone. And it was lovely. I think there are so many lovely photographs we are going to have to have 2 blog posts - this first one is a collage of all parts of the day. It was a lovely team working together with Marry Me Films who I love working with doing the filming - it's like being part of a dance, the way we work together. And So Coco Rouge did the beautiful makeup for Emma and her bridesmaids. The bride was brought to the Isla Gladstone in one of Barrington's lovely cars, this time driven by Neil with his usual smile.

Here is part 1 of the sneak peak ... part 2 tomorrow!

Sandra and Tom's Wedding Part 2 with Chinese Tea Ceremony

Here is part 2 of Sandra and Tom's wedding when they donned their gorgeous traditional Chinese dress and had a tea ceremony. It was really lovely to be a part of their fabulous wedding.

Sandra and Tom's Two Day Wedding Part 1

Sandra and Tom got married a few weeks ago but with everything going on I am only just catching up on blogging. Here is part 1 of their fabulous 2 day wedding - this is the first day at the church and at Liverpool's Albert Dock. A beautiful couple. But if you think they look gorgeous on day 1, wait until you see day 2!

Steph and James' Pre Wedding Shoot in Formby

It was so lovely to hear the ooos and ahhhs from Stephanie and James and Stephanie's family today when they saw the photographs from last week's pre-wedding shoot in Formby. Such a shame to have to wait two years until their wedding!

Here's a sneak peak which makes up for the wait!

20 May 2012

Wedding Cars - I Love Cars, Old Cars!

More than 26 years ago my husband and I found ourselves out for the night with a group of friends - at this stage we were not together and it must have taken about another 6 or 7 months before we were. But on this one night we got left out of the group and got talking without interruption from others as normally happened. And we discovered we both had a love for classic cars, and specifically for a Triumph Stag. We never managed to own a Stag but we did own a Triumph Spitfire, a Herald Vitesse and a Rover Vanden Plas. It was sad having to get rid of them all over the years. But at least we get to admire some of the most beautiful wedding cars in the region - and some of that rummaging through the archives has thrown up these gorgeous wedding cars that I've photographed.

Wedding Shoes - I'm a Woman, Sure I Love Shoes!

I've been doing some digging in the archives - aren't these wedding shoes that I've photographed in the last year or two just so gorgeous!

03 May 2012

Colour Palettes and Clothes for Your CityShoot Liverpool or Your Family Portrait Session

Not sure what to wear for your portrait session or CityShoot with Zoe in Liverpool? We have put together this simple to use reference colour palette to help you think about colours to put together.  This is not exclusive, but is meant to give you some ideas around working with colour for your portrait session or CityShoot with Zoe Photography.

If one person is wearing a strong colour you need to make sure that others involved in the shoot also wear tones around that colour. Alternatively you can choose colours along the line (always work in either blocks of 4 or along the horizontal line) so that you have a mix or stronger and paler colours all working together. Remember, the strongest, brightest colour will be the one the eye is drawn to in the final photographs.

With regards to style of clothes, think about whether you are wanting to dress casually or smart, or somewhere in-between. Having one person in jeans and everyone else in their Sunday best is not a good combination.  Whatever theme you go for, make sure you follow it through into everything, right down to your shoes - there is no point asking for the shoes to be photoshopped into a different colour, when you have the right colour or style of shoes in the wardrobe!

With blocks of colour it's best to avoid round necks, particularly for portly gentlemen or for ladies with curves. We find that V necks, scooped necks and opened necked shirts work best. Go for layered looks, so for men with a T-Shirt it helps to add on a jacket or a V-necked jumper. For women, again a jacket can work well, or a cardigan or open shirt over a V-necked t-shirt.

And finally, think about logos and patterns. Remember that patterns date quicker than colours. So it's best to avoid patterns, particularly bold patterns. And keep stripes to a subtle level if you need to include a shirt, for example, that has stripes, in order for everyone to be in the same colour palette.

It's worth putting some effort into laying out clothes together before you come to the shoot to see how they work together - it's difficult to make any changes when you're at the shoot if you left the obvious top that goes with everyone else's outfit back in the wardrobe, and when you see the pictures and notice that Uncle Bob's bright green jumper just doesn't go with everyone else in creams and browns, it's too late to do anything better than turn the photographs black and white ... unless, of course, Uncle Bob is the one person in the photograph everyone wants to look at!

 Photographers, this is easy enough to create for yourself in photoshop - please respect my copyright.