22 March 2013

Newborn Photographs: Welcoming Zach to Orrell in Lancashire

Having photographed Zachary last week, this week I had the pleasure to say hello to Zach - how beautiful is this little man. He wasn't one for being photographed without clothes (who can blame him in such a miserable and cold week?) but that didn't stop us capturing gorgeous pictures of him ... and just look at the cute mouth!

Newborn Baby Photographs: Welcoming Zachary to Liverpool

Many of you who follow my blog know Kathryn who worked with me, so you'll be excited to know that she has had her baby - she has a gorgeous, healthy little boy called Zachary. 

I love that Andrew said he doesn't know why they left it so long to become parents as being mum and dad is just so special. Awwww. Here is a little sneak peek, but no more than this as Kathryn and Andrew are excited to see all the photographs of their gorgeous baby boy next week.

17 March 2013

CityShoot Makeover Photo Shoot Special in Liverpool

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Liverpool Fine Art Wedding Photography: Gallery of Photographs

I have created a new page - a gallery of wedding photographs showcasing some of my fine art work. Here is a taster of what you'll find there - or you can go and take a look.

Zoe Photography Fine Art Wedding Photographs

Everyone wants the disk of photographs from their wedding so that they can organise their own prints for their wall, so why would you want to buy artwork for your walls from your wedding photographer. Here are the before and after examples of photographs I took at recent weddings in and around Liverpool. Can you see how much more beautiful a photograph is when it is finished beautifully as a piece of artwork for your walls?

CityShoot Makeover Photo Shoot Specials in Liverpool

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Shoots can take place in your own home, at one of a number of hotels in Merseyside, or on location.

16 March 2013

Becky and Dave's Wedding Photographs from The Vincent, Southport

I think Becky may just win the prize for amazing shoes this year! Take a look at these gorgeous shoes, aren't they special?

Becky and Dave's wedding at The Vincent in Southport was a lovely day, even if it was trying to snow! Dave looked very dapper in the Marseille tails, and Becky's shoes added a touch of quirkiness that made their day unique. Add to that Dave doing cheerleading with pom poms during the speeches, yes this was a wedding with a difference. I showed them their photographs this week and they love them - now it's on with the album to make sure they can enjoy the magic of their pictures in the flesh.

Here's a sneak peek of their day, with the cake that Becky's Nan made, and the rabbit's foot from her other Nan's wedding, a gift on her elopement to Gretna Green all those years ago (how romantic is that?)

Ryan and Lee's Wedding at The Vincent, Southport

I have to come clean. I think I've fallen in love. And with two guys at once! Ryan and Lee are just so easy to relax with and feel at home with that it makes it quite natural to fall in love with them both. I don't think I have ever seen a couple so much in love, or so loved by all their family and friends. And they both know how to laugh (with and at each other ... and come to think of it, at me a few times too!)

Lee and Ryan got married on Lee's birthday at The Vincent Hotel (the lengths some people go to in order to remember their wedding anniversary!) and as it was a gorgeous day we were able to go down to Southport Pier. Here is a sneak peek of their day - I think you can tell they had a whole lot of fun, can't you? It was a true pleasure to be wedding photographer for Ryan and Lee on such a lovely day in Southport.

15 March 2013

EBook for Photographers in Business: 100 Lessons

Back in early December 2012 I attended an online workshop that went through the night each night as it was delivered from LA. It was tough working until 2am on something creative - as the subject was book writing. For about 15 years I have wanted to write a book - I already write articles for magazines but had never taken the leap to write a book.

On 15th December I published my first ebook - 100 Lessons I Wish I'd Learned Sooner as a Photographer in Business.

This is only a short ebook on Kindle that costs less than a cup of coffee - £1.92. The observant amongst you will notice the little blue flag on the top right corner - on the day of publication the book shot to the #1 spot in the Amazon bestseller list for photography.

Here's where you can buy the ebook

Then in February I received notification that my ebook has been nominated for the Small Business Book Awards in the Start Up category - which is exciting in itself. And then the excitement continues as this awards is all based on votes. Within days I shot to the #1 spot in the Start Up category, thanks to the support of a lot of people who love the book and value the work I am doing. A huge thank you to everyone who is helping my book do so well.

Voting on the book is open until Tuesday 26th March 2013, so if you have a second or two and are inclined to help, I really appreciate every vote - voting can be done every 24 hours.

Following on from the success with 100 Lessons I Wish I'd Learned Sooner as a Photographer in Business, my second ebook will be launching at the beginning of April. This is a follow on from 100 Lessons, and is inventively called 100 MORE Lessons I Wish I'd Learned Sooner as a Photographer in Business.

And the really exciting news for those of you not on Kindle - both ebooks will be published together in a physical book that you can read the old fashioned way. I have a Kindle, but I just love books too - I love the feel of the paper, the smell of an old book, and I love turning down a corner, writing in the margin and keeping books I've loved in my bookcase. So if you are like me and like the old fashioned book (we need a term like the purists of music use for records - vinyl!) then you will shortly be able to buy it on Amazon or direct from me.

But for now, vote for my book on the Small Business Book Awards and help my book to keep doing well!

13 March 2013

Kelly and Tony's Wedding Photographs at The Racquet Club, Liverpool

Some people come into your life and you are just touched by them immediately. Kelly and Tony are those kind of people. I imagine everyone who is in their lives for however long or brief a time know that they have had a very special kind of relationship with them as they are fairly unique, lovely, kind-hearted and generous spirited people. Plus, they have the most gorgeous kids that I'd be happy to adopt (mind you, I'd spoil them ... and not in a good way!)

Kelly and Tony got married on one of the windiest days I've photographed in - but it didn't affect their happiness and being married to one another, surrounded by family and friends who clearly love them dearly. It's actually hard to say anything about their wedding at The Racquet Club in Liverpool without sounding like I'm gushing over them! And so I'll let the photographs do all the talking.

A rare photograph of me in that last shot! Now moving swiftly on ....

Joel who works with me was also booked to film sections of the day for Kelly and Tony, and here is the results of his work.

Kelly & Anthony's Wedding Day from Joel Penn on Vimeo.

And finally, I love the magic of a wedding album arriving and being unveiled - and Kelly let me film her looking at her album for the first time when their album arrived just 2 months after their wedding.

Ali and Dom's Crosby Wedding Ceremony and Wedding Reception at The Vincent Hotel, Southport

Ali and Dom's wedding was a very elegant affair at The Vincent in Southport with a black and white theme. Ali's dress was gorgeous (the back of it particularly so), and Dom and all the men were dressed in tuxes - very dapper. The Vincent was a great backdrop to the black and white colour scheme, and I just loved the white taxi that they used from the church to Southport for their wedding reception.

Paula and Ulrich's Wedding at the Radisson Blu in Liverpool

Some weddings are just full of laughter - and Paula and Ulrich's Christmas wedding at Liverpool's Radisson Blu was no exception. I think it's Ulrich's cheeky sense of humour and the glint in his eye that added to the humour of the day and had everyone laughing. As much as he could, Ulrich was avoiding me with the camera, but you can see that I did manage to get him in a few shots. It is clear that he and Paula are extremely well suited, with Paula's bubbly personality and quick wit keeping Ulrich entertained just as much as his humour keeps her laughing.

I think I particularly love the shot of Ulrich pointing at me, and the one where they are in the doorways - a very typical looking Liverpool street.