29 October 2009

Beautiful Portrait Photography of Rachel

Rachel recently booked us for a portrait session for Christmas gifts for her family - and we had a great time creating a range of images for her to choose from. The shoot took place at our base on Stanley Grange on the Knowsley Hall Park, and you can see we have quite a varied selection of locations to choose from, both indoors and out!

Here is a tiny selection of some of Rachel's gorgeous photographs from her portrait session.

25 October 2009

My Clients Made Me Cry!

I have just received the most beautiful email from wedding clients - and it made me cry. This is such an important job we do as wedding photographers, and we should never under-rate it.

"We were totally blown away you have done a fantastic job it truly is amazing, it brought back lots of very happy memories and you made my wife cry in a nice way, oh ok my eyes welled up too. We are so looking forward to coming back up to see you and the album which we know is going to be amazing as well.
You have done a fantastic job for us and we have found and made a new friend too. Let us know when the album will be ready and we will plan accordingly. We will keep checking your blog reading and seeing your continuing successes.
Once again thank you for everything that you have done for us. They say you get what you pay for, none so more true than in your case.
lots of love
Michael and Jules"

24 October 2009

Madison's Cherubs Baby Portrait Session

Madison's mum recently registered for the Cherubs Baby Promotion at Zoe Photography, and we did the first of her 3 portrait sessions at just over 4 months old. It was lovely to photograph Madison, particularly as she reminded me so much of Ellie at the same age. The next shoot will be when Madison is around 9 or 10 months old and the last one when she is walking around, at around 12-14 months. Cherubs Baby Promotion is a fabulous way to celebrate your baby's first year, marking the changes as they grow so fast. Registration costs just £30 for 3 shoots and a folio of 3 images after the final shoot. If you have a young baby, get in touch and register as soon as possible.

Newborn Baby Photographs of Charlotte

At 10 days old baby Charlotte was incredibly alert, and just didn't seem to know that she's not yet supposed to be able to lift her head, roll over and move herself about! It was still a fun shoot though and we got some gorgeous photographs for her Mummy and Daddy. I really love creating beautiful baby photographs - I just wish I'd taken more pictures of my own baby, but there's no chance now with her being in her last year of school! The time passes far to quickly.

14 October 2009

Wedding Photography Workshops in Liverpool

I am finding that couples are genuinely concerned about the quality of their wedding photographs after a couple recently in the news have successfully sued their wedding photographer for the poor quality of their images. And it's understandable too.

So in an attempt to put something back into the industry, using my skills and knowledge as a wedding photographer, and helping the newer wedding photographer to develop their skills, I am putting on a series of value for money workshops on Saturdays for just £50 per day, or £150 for 4 days.

For more information visit out Photography Training Website

Book early - this is a one time only offer and our last workshop filled up in days. Phone 0151 546 4411 or email zoe@zoephotography.co.uk for more information.

10 October 2009

Poppy's Newborn Baby Portrait Session at Knowsley

Meet Poppy - a beautiful 7 day old angel. Poppy's parents were happy to give me permission to photograph their gorgeous baby so young and to let me photograph her without clothes or a nappy. We had to have a little break - more than once because this is one hungry little girl! But it was worth the patience and Poppy turned into a little star!

I am still looking for some newborns to photograph so if you are due or have just given birth (or if you know someone who has just had a baby) and the baby is under 10 days old, please get in touch on 0151 546 4411 (or 07880 823211) and we'll get you booked in as soon as possible. Everyone who comes along receives a 7x5 print as a thank you, and if you decide you would like to buy more images packages are available from £50 to £250 (our top packages include a CD of images).

07 October 2009

Back to Work!

At last, the flu has passed and it's back to work! I went in to the office for an hour today and got my mind around what needs catching up on, so those of you that were due for meetings, we'll be getting those sorted out with you in the next couple of days or so.

Sadly I got back to the office to discover a fault on the telephone line - BT have now sorted it out, so if you have been getting a constant engaged sound and have not been able to leave a message, please get back in touch, the phone line is working again! My apologies for the fact that I was unaware of this problem during my period of sickness.

And finally for today, bookings are now being taken for portrait sessions in time for Christmas gifts - but the available slots are booking up fast (3 bookings taken in the hour I was in the office today!). So don't delay, ring and book your portrait session now to avoid disappointment.

06 October 2009

Newborn Baby Around Knowsley

I'm looking for a newborn baby to photograph - somewhere around 6 days old would be fabulous! So if you are expecting and your baby is due in the next few weeks, or if you have just had a baby and it's under 2 weeks old, please get in touch straight away!

What do you get? Well, to start with, the shoot at our studio on the Knowsley Hall Park will be complimentary, you won't have to part with a penny. And secondly you will receive a complimentary framed picture from the shoot - your choice of image. You are welcome to purchase additional images from the shoot, but this won't be forced on you.

So come on, what have you got to lose? If you or someone you know is expecting in October or has just had a baby, give us a call on 0151 546 4411. We look forward to hearing from you!

04 October 2009

Cherubs Baby Portraits - Exciting New Development

At Zoe Photography we are really excited to announce our new family addition!

No, not a new baby in our lives - but with our own baby now looking at universities we realise how fast the years go by and we want to help you record your baby's wonderful life through Baby Portrait Art. As part of this we have become the Cherubs Baby Portraits Photographer for Knowsley, Kirkby, St Helens, and Ormskirk. For a registration fee of just £30 your baby is photographed 3 times in his or her first 18 months of life, and your choice of one image from each shoot to be presented in a complimentary Art Leather Folio - all this for just £30.

Visit the Cherubs section of our portrait website for more information.