29 April 2008

Mike And Penny's Wedding, Stretton

Venue: Crabwall Manor

Mike and Penny only booked me a few weeks ago to photograph their wedding, and I am so glad they did!  Rob came along with me and we had such a great time - though at times I had to get bossy with the boys for the constant chattering whilst I was photographing them!  And they say women can talk!  At least getting Mike to kiss Penny kept him quiet!  LOL

Here's just a small sample of photographs of the day - there was no confetti, so the boys created their own with the cherry blossom, and at Crabwall Manor everyone let off a balloon to celebrate the day ... after some of the kids had experimented with the hydrogen and its effects on their voices!  

26 April 2008

Chris and Emma at 'Another Place', Crosby Beach

Down at Crosby Beach there are 100 statues of Anthony Gormley all looking out to sea - and this was the backdrop for today's pre-wedding shoot with Chris and Emma.  I don't think I've come across anyone as happy and full of laughter as Emma - or such a great sense of co-ordination!  Even the wellies co-ordinated with her outfit.  So here is a small selection of photographs from todays shoot, some including one of the Gormley men statues ... along with Chris and Emma of course!

20 April 2008

North West Environmental Portrait Photographer of the Year 2008

I can't believe I am writing this - last night was the annual awards dinner for the North West BIPP (British Institute of Professional Photographers) and MPA (Master Photographers Association). I had succeeded in getting some of my photographs through to the finals, which I was really pleased about.

After hearing the results I am now really excited! I won the Gold Award for Environmental Portraits (also known as lifestyle portraits), which means I am Environmental Portrait Photographer of the Year 2008!  I am particularly excited because I just love lifestyle portraiture, and photographing people in their natural environment, be that at their home or out somewhere that means something to them, so it means a lot to get this award and to be recognised by my peers as being particularly skilled in this style of photography.

I also won 3 merit awards - 2 in Environmental Portrait and 1 in Fashion.

Here's the photograph that got me the Gold Award, taken on Birkdale Sands, Southport.

And thanks to Ian Stewart for taking this photograph of me with my award, certificate and winning image.

19 April 2008

Playing at the Park

Hesketh Park was a great backdrop for having fun with a group of children - and I love looking for ways to capture the essence of child, like on this one with just the hint of the nose, a suggestion of the eyelashes.  I regret not getting these kinds of photographs of my own daughter when she was little, but it didn't seem to matter then.  It's only now that she is 15 that I realise I struggle to remember the little details. 

The seesaw was a favourite with the children.

Look Mum, one hand!

It was really cold, even though it was bright, so we needed to take a break to warm up.  And even the break gave a chance to get some lovely photographs.

How is that kids can run around in t-shirts and not feel the cold on a freezing day!

Jerry the Horse

I love photographing people involved in activities that they enjoy doing - so it was great fun to be asked to photograph Jerry the horse for Hannah.  She even let me have a little ride at the end, which was such fun - I haven't ridden for a few years, so I ached a bit afterwards, but it was worth it.  Jerry is a beautiful horse, full of energy, and clearly much loved by Hannah.  When I photograph lifestyle shoots like this I like to get involved in the whole event, so we photographed everything from mucking out to tacking up, as well as photographing Hannah riding Jerry.

18 April 2008

Lawrence and Gerry's Wedding

Ceremony: Croxteth Hall, Croxteth Park, Liverpool
Reception: New Capital Restaurant, China Town, Liverpool
Honeymoon: Sorrento, Italy

Lawrence and Gerry got married on Tuesday at Croxteth Hall in Croxteth Park, Liverpool.  At the start of the day it looked like the weather was a bit dodgy, but it soon cheered up - I don't think any amount of rain would have dampened the spirits of the day though!  It was such a fantastic day, if a little tiring for us.  We started off with the girls in the centre of Liverpool, and then the guys came along for the bartering for the bride - some of the games looked cruel ... here's a little 'taster' of what happened!  I don't think I can show the photograph that came straight after this one!

And here is a little teaser of the day, starting with Gerry who looked radiant - absolutely stunning!

Considering the weather earlier in the day, it was glorious when we came outside Croxteth Hall.

After the ceremony at Croxteth Hall Lawrence and Gerry went to the New Capital Restaurant in China Town in Liverpool.  The food was amazing - probably the best Chinese food we have ever had!  Gerry changed into a red dress that had been specially designed and made for her.

And after the 14 course meal there was a Tea Ceremony

In the early evening we took everyone outside for a few photographs.

And finally, we had a play around with shadows - the light was gorgeous, and I just spotted the beautiful effects of their shadows on the wall - I love this!

Thank you Lawrence and Gerry for inviting us to be part of your day - it was a privilege to be involved and to feel so welcomed by everyone.  We had a fantastic day!

08 April 2008

Clair and Mark

It was freezing on Sunday when we got together with Clair and Mark for their pre-wedding shoot.  Thankfully the wedding isn't until August, when it should be nice and warm!  Mind you, in past years, it has been quite warm at this time of year, so I think we all expected it to be ok.  We met up at Lydiate Priory before going to Hayloft Farm and Tea Shop for a warm up.

Clair and Mark are getting married at one of our favourite venues, West Tower Country Hotel in Aughton, so we are really looking forward to it.