30 September 2008

The National Wedding Show, Earls Court

Wow, what an amazing experience! This last weekend we took a stand at The National Wedding Show at Earls Court in London. I took my new Studio Manager, Pauline (more about her to come ... when I can persuade her to let me take her photograph!), so it was a baptism by fire for her!

It was so good to meet such a range of lovely people getting married all over the place, as far afield as France, Italy, Sweden, Poland, Ireland and Zambia - as well as quite a few across the UK too! We heard some beautiful stories of romantic grooms who proposed in romantic settings, and some sad stories of people who know others who's wedding photographs were not great - and as a result it was really good to see that the BIPP (the British Institute of Professional Photographers ) were there at the show promoting those of us who are professionally qualified photographers, and helping brides to understand the value of using a professionally qualified photographer.

The only thing that marred the show for me was that someone thought it was a good idea to walk off with one of my sample albums! I still can't believe that someone would do such a thing! Thankfully my daughter did a great job of reframing for me and told me that I must be an amazing photographer for someone to think of taking one of my albums! But thankfully the album going missing didn't impact on what people thought of my photography and I was heartened by such lovely feedback! I even got told by some people who made the effort to come back and talk to us after they had seen the whole show that I was the best photographer there, which gave me something to smile about on the long drive home, even though I was exhausted after 3 long days!

So it's a busy week ahead now, getting everything back in place after the show, and contacting people about their wedding photography needs - if you were at the show and I don't get in touch it may be that you either didn't leave your email address with me, or that I can't read the writing! So feel free to drop me a line and we can arrange to meet up.

Thank you to all the organisers for arranging a fantastic show, and to all the new friends we made, it was great meeting you! We look forward to seeing you soon.

23 September 2008

So far behind

This is so not like me, but I am so busy that I am way behind on my blog posts - apologies to those who are getting excited to see their images and haven't seen them yet! I will catch up in the next day or two, I promise ... well, maybe a bit longer actually because I am off to Earls Court. But I will get around to blogging about Neil and Liz's wedding at Hoole Hall in Chester, and Mick and Jule's wedding in Castellabate, Italy, and the shoot with George and Matt in Le Marche, Italy, as well as all the other exciting stuff I have been working on lately!

15 September 2008

Danielle and Jason

Oh dear, I am so behind on blogging - a mixture of being very busy and some technical difficulties. Anyway, I am so pleased to be able to upload some images from the shoot I did with Danielle and Jason on a breezy day in Portishead. I hadn't realised that I have been to Portishead before, but I don't think I took it all in the last time I went. What a gorgeous town it is! And I was welcomed into Danielle's family home like an old friend - huge thanks to Peter and Donya for their hospitality, but I think I need to go on a diet after all that delicious food! It doesn't help eating in the home of food experts!

It was actually really difficult to choose a small selection of photographs to display on the blog - but in the end I had to pick some! But I am so pleased with what we did manage to create together, particularly as it was such a great day out around Portishead.