13 December 2012

Photographers! Last Chance to Help with the Survey

Any photographers and aspiring photographers, I'd love you to help if you have a moment. I will be closing my survey at 5pm tomorrow night where I am collecting information for my book aimed at photographers wanting to set up or grow their wedding photography business, ready to launch in 2013. Everyone who completes the survey and enters their email address will receive a free e-book as a thank you for your time.

Please click here to enter the survey before it closes at 5pm on Friday 14th December 2012. Thank you for you help - and thank you to all the photographers who have helped so far, I am so grateful that so many of you have helped me out completing this short survey. Thank you.

My 50 List Update

I keep getting asked how I'm doing with my 50 list (those of you new to this, I am doing 50 things, challenges to myself, some hard, some just because, and some for fun). So a quick update.

  1. Do a stand up comedy routine DONE - and more than once. Toughest thing I've ever done!
  2. Go to New York DONE - and doing it again next year for another item on the list ... see below.
  3. Eat Breakfast at Tiffany's (eat a croissant out of a paper bag looking in the window of Tiffany's in NYC, of course!) - NOT DONE because it was pouring down when we were there so next time .... but I got Rob inside Tiffany and he bought me something :D
  4. Visit Rome DONE
  5. Visit Paris (again) NOT DONE
  6. Visit Amsterdam for one day PLANNED
  7. Visit London as a tourist (always seem to go for work reasons) PLANNED
  8. Visit Prague NOT DONE
  9. Sing at an Open Mike night IN TRAINING
  10. Walk Ben Nevis IN TRAINING - next summer, here we come
  11. Walk Scafell Pike IN TRAINING - next summer, here we come
  12. Walk Snowdon IN TRAINING - next summer, here we come
  13. Learn how to make perfect pastry off my Mum - DONE - and in fact, mmmm, let's make some mince pies :D
  14. Learn how to make yummy chocolate - NOT DONE
  15. Sell something on E-bay - TRYING, BUT NOT SOLD YET!
  16. Go on the Williamson Tunnels tour - NOT DONE
  17. Travel on the Yellow Duckmarine around Liverpool - DONE - and it was SUCH fun with my wonderful friend Mary.
  18. Swear in front of my Dad! DONE
  19. Volunteer for a week NOT DONE
  20. Walk the Big Big Day 5K on my wedding anniversary DONE
  21. Get the Ferry 'cross the Mersey PLANNED
  22. Get under 11 stone DONE but I need to lose a bit more to be able to sustain that.
  23. Be photographed in a 60s styled shoot NOT DONE
  24. Cycle the Coast to Coast bike ride PLANNED and in training
  25. Grow my own tomatoes DONE
  26. Go to a rugby match - even though I have no idea what the heck they're doing on the pitch! NOT DONE
  27. Go to a cricket match - might take a good book to alleviate the boredom though hehe NOT DONE
  28. Go in one of those ball things that roll down hill PLANNED - got the partner now need to book the slot.
  29. Go to a music festival (Leeds Festival tickets are booked!) DONE
  30. Travel in an open top bus NOT DONE
  31. Meet up with 5 people I only know through Facebook but have never met! PART DONE - met up with Vanessa Hall from Melbourne, and plans in place to meet up with others.
  32. Write a book and get it published DONE - and the book became a bestseller on Amazon on the day it was published!
  33. Test drive a Morgan NOT DONE
  34. Be an extra on TV NOT DONE
  35. Run the 10k route of Central Park, NYC PLANNED and in training
  36. See the Northern Lights NOT DONE
  37. Get a tattoo DONE - though only small and not quite finished because I burned my arm on top of the tattoo. Soup's dangerous, you know ;)
  38. Go to the other side of the world DONE - and for such an unexpected and pleasurable reason (Nicole and Will's wedding)
  39. .... I have 11 more to add - any ideas?

10 December 2012

What a Weekend! The Business of Wedding Photography Book is Coming

This has been something of a whirlwind of a weekend. For sometime now I've been writing a book for wedding photographers on the business side of things and just not getting on far enough with it. And then I came across Alicia Dunams via Creative Live who was offering a virtual bootcamp, online training over an intensive weekend to take you from concept to publication. Now, Alicia is based in the US, and as far as time zones are concerned for me, the wrong side of the US! So the course didn't start each day until the evening, and went on into the early hours fo the morning. I'm exhausted, but it's worth it.

Some readers who follow my Facebook business page will have noticed that I have had exercises to complete over the weekend, including helping me get the title right - I think that still needs a bit of tweaking.

The working title is (it keeps changing!) "The Business of Wedding Photography: How to start and grow a profitable wedding photography business".

I am interested in including real life experiences from photographers in business and aspiring wedding photographers. Please email me (click here to email) if you have a story to tell and are happy to share it, and if you have a moment, I would really value you taking a few minutes to answer this short survey - click here to complete the survey. I know some of you have helped with a really short survey on Facebook - this one goes into a little more detail, so please answer using this survey if you are happy to help.

A huge thank you goes out to Alicia Dunams, and to the Bestseller in a Weekend community that I shared this workshop with. I'd give some particular mentions, but I think there are just too many and I'd miss some out. I am really excited to be getting my book finished and published, with a view to a launch date on 1st March 2013 (just in time for Focus on Imaging).

Thank to everyone who has helped so far, and who has agreed to help me in the coming weeks. This book can only help wedding photography as an industry.

Oh, and one more thing - there's a free e-book for everyone who completes the survey, as a little thank you for your help.

09 December 2012

Day 9: The Zoe Photography Advent Calendar of Wedding Photography in Liverpool

Day 9 on the Zoe Photography Advent Calendar for Wedding Photography in Liverpool is Jo and Paul's wedding at Knowsley Hall. You couldn't find a cuter couple! I love how much they laugh and enjoy life in such a child-like way - I think there's a lot I could learn from them myself. And Knowsley Hall is such a beautiful venue to get married at. Jo and Paul were really lucky considering what a wet summer we had as they had a gorgeous day both the day of the wedding and the day before when we did their pre-wedding shoot.

08 December 2012

Day 8: The Zoe Photography Advent Calendar of Wedding Photography in Liverpool

I'm not sure if you can find a more spectacular place for a wedding ceremony than Liverpool's Metropolitan Cathedral, and what a true delight it was to be able to photograph Lizzy and Cris's wedding there. When I look at their photographs I am still lost for words. After this amazing ceremony Lizzy and Cris walked down Hope Street in Liverpool for their wedding reception at Hope Street Hotel, a venue where I love photographing weddings, and always feel at home.

07 December 2012

Day 7: The Zoe Photography Advent Calendar of Wedding Photography in Liverpool

Day 7 of the Zoe Photography Advent Calendar of Wedding Photography in Liverpool actually moves to Chester, and the Chester Racecourse. I could choose so many photographs from Lisa and Ben's wedding, from the wedding present of a camper van, to the amazing Chester church, to the tears between Lisa and her dad, but I just love this one with Lisa sitting in the stands with the contrast of the red seats.

06 December 2012

Day 6: The Zoe Photography Advent Calendar of Wedding Photography in Liverpool

Day 6 and nearly a week into the Zoe Photography Advent Calendar of Wedding Photography in Liverpool and we go to Gemma and Ste's wedding. The ceremony was in a gorgeous church in Allerton followed by a reception at West Tower Country House Hotel in Aughton near Ormskirk. This is one of my favourite wedding venues to work at, with beautiful rooms and a spectacular view. It never disappoints, and the staff there are totally committed to making sure every wedding is the best it can be. Gemma brought a beautiful design to the West Tower, which you may see more of later in the Advent Calendar.

05 December 2012

Day 5: The Zoe Photography Advent Calendar of Wedding Photography in Liverpool

Day 5 on the Zoe Photography Advent Calendar of Wedding Photography in Liverpool goes to the guys. Aron married Emma at The Isla Gladstone, the gorgeous glasshouse in Stanley Park, Liverpool. They were really lucky because it was a lovely day which meant they could get married in the band stand outside. What a treat! And this was one of those wedding where from start to finish there was a lot of laughter and love. Alongside me at this wedding were the fabulous team from Marry Me Films who I love working with.

04 December 2012

Day 4: The Zoe Photography Advent Calendar of Wedding Photography in Liverpool

Day 4 on the Advent Calendar showcases the wedding photography for Gill and Richard's wedding at The Vincent in Southport. Even though it was pouring down, this was a wedding where the laughter made it feel like the sun was shining. Richard arranged for the old Routemaster to collect Gill, adding a special touch to the day.

03 December 2012

Day 3: The Zoe Photography Advent Calendar for Wedding Photography in Liverpool and Wirral

Day 3 is Amy and Mark's wedding in Heswall and on to Hillbark Hotel, Wirral which I had the privilege to do the wedding photography for in June - how lucky were they, getting such a beautiful day before the summer rain came? I love this photograph where Amy is being walked up the church path by her mum and dad.

02 December 2012

Day 2: The Zoe Photography Advent Calendar of Wedding Photography in Liverpool

Chloe is our Day 2 Advent Calendar bride. She married Mark on Easter Sunday in Waterloo, Liverpool, with a beautiful reception at Leverhulme Hotel, Port Sunlight, Wirral. It was a real pleasure to photograph their Liverpool and Wirral wedding, alongside David Beckham-Doyle who did the most beautiful flower displays with David Austin roses, and who I always love to work with.

01 December 2012

Day 1: The Zoe Photography Advent Calendar of Wedding Photography in Liverpool

Day 1 of the Zoe Photography Wedding Photography Advent Calendar is the beautiful Sandra. Sandra and Tom married at St Andrew's Church in Maghull before their wedding reception in Liverpool City Centre. This was a two day wedding and this photograph of Sandra is from their western wedding day. Their second day was equally gorgeous with both Sandra and Tom dressed in traditional Chinese wedding outfits for their Chinese wedding reception in Liverpool's China Town.

The Zoe Photography Advent Calendar of Liverpool Wedding Photography

What a year! In fact, what a career I've had as a photographer to date over the last 10 years since I shot my first wedding for a friend. I've been so fortunate to learn from some amazing photographers such as David A Williams, Jerry Ghionis, Simon Watkinson, Kevin Wilson, John Parris, and more. And I've had the opportunity to photograph weddings in amazing places - I have photographed weddings abroad in Italy (Venice, Castellabate, Santa Margherita Ligure), Sweden, Ireland, and I've photographed weddings throughout the UK in Bristol, Clifton, Cheltenham, Buxted Park, Leeds,  Clitheroe, Scotland, Kendal, Ullswater, Penrith, Buttermere and more. And closer to home I regularly photograph weddings in Liverpool, Southport, Formby, Ormskirk, Chester, Thornton Hough, weddings in gorgeous venues including Knowsley Hall, Thornton Manor, West Tower in Aughton, the Isla Gladstone, the Palm House, The Vincent in Southport, Hope Street Hotel in Liverpool, The Racquet Club, Atlantic Tower, Croxteth Park, St George's Hall. And the lists could go on. I know I'm very fortunate to photograph weddings at such fabulous wedding venues in Merseyside, Wirral and West Lancashire. So it's time to celebrate.

Over the next 25 days I'm going to celebrate some special moments in the Zoe Photography Wedding Photography Advent Calendar covering weddings in Liverpool, Southport, Ormskirk and Wirral. Make sure you visit each day to see who is behind the Wedding Photography Advent Calendar door.