09 December 2007

Ellie passes her grade 8

Our daughter, Ellie, started to learn the flute from the age of 6, and has worked her way through the grade exams, including her music theory exams since she was 7.  In November she took her Grade 8 in her flute at just 15, and we have just heard that she has passed!  We are all over the moon for her, and want to thank Hannah Horn, her teacher, for helping her to get there in just 6 months.  Thanks also to Kate Warriner who play the piano accompaniment for her in her exam.

Now Ellie is working hard on her piano in the hope that she passes her grade 5 in that this time next year, and she is starting off working on her Flute Diploma too.

Good luck Ellie - we're proud of you, and wish you so much success in your life as a musician.  Wow!  You amaze me!


  1. Congratulations Ellie, you did so well and it was a pleasure to accompany you!!


  2. who knows where i got the musical talent to pass, its defiantly not genetic



  3. Pah, of course it's genetic ! I'm just nowhere near as good at music as you are though!