27 July 2008

Tim and Clare Marry at Eaves Hall, Clitheroe, Lancashire

The weather over this summer has been pretty poor really, and yet on the day that Tim, Clare and I met up to do their pre-wedding photographs the rain stopped, the clouds cleared and the evening was gorgeous.  So of course we joked that it would be the same for their wedding day.  All week leading up to the wedding the forecast predicted clear blue skies on Friday and sunshine and showers on Saturday - but luck was on their side again!  On the Friday we had the predicted storms, and on Saturday when we got up there were just a few clouds in the sky.  For the rest of the day, the skies were blue and there was hardly a cloud in the sky.

So, what a perfect day!  The ceremony and reception were at Eaves Hall, near Clitheroe, a spectacular venue in the Lancashire countryside.  The groom and groomsmen wore a chocolate brown, with pink ties and waistcoats, and it was really nice to see a change from the usual black.  I've put together a selection of photographs of the day - and as Tim and Clare were up for taking direction from me it means that we captured some amazing images both inside and outside Eaves Hall - I particularly love the black and white one where they are on the balcony.  But I have started with a special one of Tim's Granddad Les - he looks like he is a Hollywood mogul!

And then straight after these wedding photographs, take a look at the pictures of Amy and Jenna, who took time out to model for me during the wedding day.

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