17 August 2008

These are exciting times for Zoe Photography! So many new things are happening. Firstly, with huge thanks to Stevan Brash at iDesign we have a whole new brand and logo. Here it is!

The colours are a careful choice - the blue represents the fact that we are really fortunate to be based by the seaside in Southport (ok, ok, there's some artistic license because our sea is not quite that colour!), and the reddish colour represents my Nana, who was a very strong woman who has influenced all our lives. When my grandfather was 'missing presumed dead' during WWII my Nana received the standard telegram, but refused to accept that he was in fact dead. Everyone told her she should go out and buy a black coat and go into mourning. She refused - instead she got all the ration coupons together and went out and bought herself a red coat! And she was right to trust her instincts - Henry was alive, albeit in Changi camp, and 4 long years later he returned home. So it is a delight to be able to include the strength of my Nana in the branding of Zoe Photography.

Other changes afoot? Well, next week will see the delivery of our new brochure - please get in touch if you'd like me to send one to you along with our price guide.

And the following week our new portrait brochure comes out. Again, get in touch if you'd like a copy sending to you.

What else? Well, we have taken a stand at Earls Court for the National Wedding Show, 26th - 28th September 2008, and we are really excited to be working with The Designer Bride's Guide in the production of the first issue of guide's magazine. Copies will be available from stand J5 at Earls Court.

When it comes to pricing, we have simplified everything for weddings so that we have two simple packages for weddings from September 2008 - one package at £1,500, and the other at £3,000. All the details are in the new brochure.

And the final bit of news - Rob and I are working hard on finalising our new website which is looking spectacular! It starts with a splash page that has links to three different sites - one to the wedding photography site, one for the portrait photography site, and the third link to this blog. We will let you know when it launches later this week! I can't wait - oh, and just in case you look at the new site at work, be sure to switch off your speakers as we have sourced an amazing track for the wedding site! Still working on music for the portrait site.

So, very exciting times! We are all very excited about the future for Zoe Photography! Come and share it with us - whether you are looking for a wedding photographer, want a family portrait, have a new baby to celebrate, or just want to have some fun celebrating the people you are, then get in touch to book a consultation meeting.


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