15 September 2008

Danielle and Jason

Oh dear, I am so behind on blogging - a mixture of being very busy and some technical difficulties. Anyway, I am so pleased to be able to upload some images from the shoot I did with Danielle and Jason on a breezy day in Portishead. I hadn't realised that I have been to Portishead before, but I don't think I took it all in the last time I went. What a gorgeous town it is! And I was welcomed into Danielle's family home like an old friend - huge thanks to Peter and Donya for their hospitality, but I think I need to go on a diet after all that delicious food! It doesn't help eating in the home of food experts!

It was actually really difficult to choose a small selection of photographs to display on the blog - but in the end I had to pick some! But I am so pleased with what we did manage to create together, particularly as it was such a great day out around Portishead.

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