03 December 2008

This is me ... for those who don't know me.

I am Zoe.

I take pictures, and love that I am good at something I found hard to be good at, and had to work at to be good.

I have amazing friends, my best friend being my gorgeous hubby Rob.

I have friends who have been there through the good times and the bad, always there to support me, cry with me, laugh with me, and generally keep my feet on the ground.

I have an incredible teenage daughter, Ellie, who gets more incredible, beautiful, funny and fun by the day - and I can't believe how amazing she is playing her flute.

I am so fortunate to have something wonderful to be proud about with my fantastic kid.

I love Jaffa Cakes, Champagne and Italy.

I'm going grey gracefully to make sure I don't die - if I have my hair dyed again it will kill me.

Thankfully I am loving my new natural hair colour!

I love laughing, and chatting and people watching and coffee.

And I love that Rob makes me a latte every morning.

I live by the sea and can't imagine living anywhere away from the sea.

I hate pettiness, nastiness, bitchiness and back stabbing.

I can't stand celebrity for the sake of celebrity.

I love joking around and taking the micky and generally having fun!

My glass is near full, and never half empty.

I have an old dog, Sam who is scared of the dark and has a night light.

I am excited about the future, and excitable in the present.

I am so glad I am doing what I want to do in life!

And I love sharing it with others.

I believe I have something to offer others through telling their story, and am excited about a personal project telling the story of women.

I am fortunate in my 40s, happy, healthy and in love .... with my husband!

I am Zoe, wedding and portrait photographer, living out my dream.

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