25 June 2009

Cecil Beaton: Portraits Exhibition at The Walker Art Gallery

Tomorrow sees the launch of the Cecil Beaton: portraits exhibition at The Walker Art Gallery, and I am very privileged to have 6 of my images displayed in the gallery, linked to the exhibition. Here is a taste of what I have displayed - a photograph of Amy in a meadow. If you want to see the collection then you'll have to visit the exhibition between 26th June and 31st August.

In this photograph you can see the display that has been created in the area at the end of the Beaton exhibition. A link to the exhibition is a series of portrait sessions as well as a competition to find the modern icons to be photographed in the Beaton style, reflecting the personality and character of the sitter.

Here you can see that my two gold award winning images are featured in the display.

And finally, I was interviewed for the BBC Regional News, Look North West, about the competition and the hunt for the modern icons.
This is a fabulous experience, and I feel very proud of being invited to be included in such a prestigious exhibition in one of the UKs best galleries.

If you think you might have the essence of Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Winston Churchill or Fred Astaire then why not enter the competition to find our modern day icons - click here to go to the Walker Art Gallery competition entry form.

And if you find yourself in Liverpool, then visit The Walker Art Gallery and let me know what you think of the exhibition. I'd love to hear your thoughts.


  1. Zoe, Well done - when are you on the Telly ? hope that got your best side lol - PS don't loose your car keys:-)


  2. fantastic for you Zoe, I will be heading across to Liverpool to take a look as soon as I get opportunity. Well Done.

  3. Well done Zoe.

    Getting a display up is great.

    I hope the interview went well.


  4. Visited today,well worth the time very nicely done Zoe ,your shots stand out nicely . Victor Meldrew / Paul.

    PS. the Beaton Exhibition was Ok too