02 July 2010

Work Experience at Zoe Photography

Hi I'm Heather and I go to Litherland High School. I have spent the past four days doing my work experience with Zoe at Zoe Photography. My first day started with a beauty photo-shoot for a girl who wanted to become a beauty model. I assisted throughout the shoot, holding props such as the reflector. Prior to the shoot I had to perform a risk assessment on the area being used for the shoot and warn the model of the potential dangers. After we ate lunch I walked to the local post office to buy stamps and post letters. When I returned, Zoe was half way through a meeting with clients who were choosing their photos for their wedding album. I watched this meeting, then went home. I enjoyed my first day.

When I arrived for my second day, i took out the bins and washed the dishes. I then watched Zoe upload the photos from the previous day's shoot. After lunch, the model from the shoot came to view and choose her photos. After she left, Zoe taught me the basic skills of Photoshop. This was my favourite part of the day.

The next day started with a thorough clean of the office/studio. We then delivered some photos to a nearby business, and ate lunch on our return. Afterwards, I watched Zoe prepare a slide show for the viewing later that evening, then used Photoshop to learn more new skills. We then chose photos from a recent wedding to show for their viewing, and created a slideshow with them.

On my final day I met Zoe at the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool, and we spent 90 minutes looking around there. I enjoyed this, because i learnt things from Zoe about the paintings I had seen a few times before, but there were many things in the paintings I hadn't noticed before. Afterwards, Zoe taught me how to use her camera, so we could spend some time doing street photography. After eating lunch, we went to two different offices in Liverpool, one to discuss wedding fairs, and the other to see a man who was buying a photo from Zoe for his office wall. When we returned to the office, the day was almost over. I have enjoyed my time here, and would now like to study photography for a longer period than one week.

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  1. I'm realy pleased that you have enjoyed your work experience. We have a small studio in West Sussex and we have a student coming in for work experience next week. I hope she enjoys it as much as you have with Zoe.