23 October 2010

Gavin and Laura Wedding Celebrations at 60 Hope Street, Liverpool

I wasn't supposed to be photographing a wedding today, but yesterday that all changed.  And Gavin and Laura invited me to photograph their celebrations at 60 Hope Street.  I was only there for about 2 hours, but it was amongst the best fun I've had at a wedding.  All of their family on both sides welcomed me and teased me (ok, ok, I admit, I teased them too!  Now Sheila, you know what I'm going to say!)

We managed to get a few minutes outside 60 Hope Street in Liverpool where the two were celebrating their day, starting outside The Quarter, and then on the steps of 60 Hope Street before capturing some family shots, which were full of laughter.  And never before have I been given a round of applause when it was time for me to leave! (Actually, thinking about it now, maybe the round of applause was because I was going ... hmmmm ;-) )

So here is a little selection of their photographs, a beautiful couple in a fabulous setting on a great day in October in Liverpool!

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  1. Fabulous, I love the relaxed atmosphere and great photos. X