21 January 2011

100 Women of Liverpool

I am looking for 100 Women of Liverpool - women who are simply fabulous, women who are achieving amazing things with running their own business, women who are making a difference even on a small scale within their community, women who are incredible carers or have lived through trying times with a smile on their face.

Do you know any Women of Liverpool who you admire?  I am photographing 100 women - everyone involved will walk away with a copy of their photograph ready to frame as a thank you for helping me to photograph 100 Women of Liverpool in 2011.

Please get in touch if you think you are an amazing woman, or if you know of an amazing woman who I should photograph.  There are only two simple criteria - firstly they must live in Liverpool or the surrounding area, and they must have a story to tell, however local, however small, because of the difference they make.  Maybe they just smile everyday and bring a smile to your face, or maybe they simply make the drinks at a coffee morning for the elderly, bringing cheer into their lives.

Help me find 100 Women of Liverpool - please get in touch today!


  1. The lady I recommended to you today is ideal I think Zoe x

  2. I have a huge list for you. Where can I send it?

  3. You can email me - or is that you who emailed through today with a great list!