22 February 2011

Photography Workshops in Liverpool for 2011

Now that we've properly settled into our new home it seems time to make it happen!  Please call me, Zoe, on 0151 708 5838 or 07792 650 742 for more information or to book, or email me zoe@zoephotography.co.uk  I am offering 1:1 sessions in the following topics, as well as group sessions on the dates provided.  Groups will be limited to a maximum of 6 people.  The 1:1 sessions cost £500 for one person for 8 hours in Liverpool or £700 plus travel and accommodation for a studio based session.

DISCOUNT: If you book 2 workshops you benefit from 10% discount on course fees, and book 3 or 4 to benefit from 25% discount.  There is also a 20% discount on all workshops for members of the EPS.

Getting the Foundations Right as a Professional Photographer - LAST FEW PLACES REMAINING!
Date: Thursday 31st March
Price£250 per person, or £200 per person for 2 people from the same studio.
Topics Covered: Making sure you understand how to get the most out of your camera, using your camera in different lighting conditions, understanding light, being prepared for all conditions.  This workshop includes shooting time.

Marketing, branding and promoting your photography business
This workshop is not available to local photographers. 
Date: Friday 1st April
Price: £250 per person, or £200 per person for 2 people from the same studio.
Topics Covered: This workshop starts with looking at what gets a business noticed and what keeps a business being noticed.  How to become the most talked about business in your area (for the RIGHT reasons).  It looks at the mistakes that photographers make setting up in business, and how these become values of the business long term, impacting on the type and amount of business that comes in. Developing a team to market you. There is also some specific time spent on what the participants are actually doing in their business.

The business of photography
This workshop is not available to local photographers.
Date:Monday 11th April

Price: £350 per person, or £300 per person for 2 people from the same studio.

Topics CoveredDeveloping a business - designing a business model that fits you and your business, the pricing structure, the business systems and procedures, and the business paperwork.  Getting business, and touching on marketing - getting the price right and covering your costs so you can earn a living.  This workshop includes what not to do as much as what to do, and you leave with usable documentation on disk for developing your photography business.

Improving your posing skills for groups, couples and individuals
Date: Tuesday 12th April

Price: £250 per person, or £200 per person for 2 people from the same studio.

Topics CoveredThe basics of posing - what works and what doesn't.  How to create poses that work.  Posing groups.  Learning poses, and developing a range of poses that works for you with groups, individuals and couples. Using techniques to improve your group posing skills. Telling stories through posing.  This workshop includes shooting time. STOP PRESS - I've just heard that my makeup artist and hair stylist are running a makeup artists workshop the same day, and they need photographs for their students -as a result we are going to be working with fully styled models during the shoot, so your images have the chance to look amazing!

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