19 August 2011

Andrew and Kathryn's Wedding in Croxteth and at the Isla Gladstone

The day started with a torrential downpour, and it looked like that was the weather we were destined to have for Andrew and Kathryn's wedding day - but when we came out of the church there was a little peak of blue, and before you knew it, the sky was the most amazing blue, perfect for such a lovely couple. It was a funny day for me, as Kathryn's aunt, over from New Zealand had a little chat with me and we soon discovered that close friends of hers and her husband Joe are actually my cousin Paul and his wife! Small world! 

Both Andrew and Kathryn were very trusting, and when I told them the light was perfect for gorgeous photographs they joined me for an extra shoot in the golden light of sunset - as a result we got images that looked like they were taken in the med!  And one of the lovely touches of the day - an ice cream man! And that ice cream was so yummy.  So here is a little sneak peak of Andrew and Kathryn's perfect day.


  1. Such a pretty wedding! Beautiful images, well done!
    ~Chris Arnold~

  2. Gorgeous bride, beautiful images (like always!). Awesome.

  3. Love the pictures that ceiling works a treat, great stuff bet this couple are going to be verrrry happy.