28 November 2011

Vicky, Jon, Ava, Will and Finn Get Married at The Vincent, Southport

I love photographing family weddings where the children are as much part of the wedding as the couple, and Vicky and Jon's wedding was certainly like that with both of them having to comfort a child each throughout the ceremony!  The ceremony room looked gorgeous (as I'd expect from David Beckham Doyle who dressed the room), the bride was beautiful, as were the bridesmaids, and most particularly Ava who stole the show as flowergirl, and the groom and his little pageboys was very handsome. We even had time to go for a drive (the weather was another gorgeous day this autumn) with Kevin in his Beaufort from Grace Wedding Cars, with a short stop at the carousel at the end of the Pier in Southport. So here is a sneak peak to keep you going - can't wait to show them all of their pictures!

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