03 February 2012

Nicole and Will's Wedding in New Zealand

January was a very special month for me - I got the best luck in the world! The chance to photograph Nicole and Will's wedding in New Zealand. Now don't get carried away, don't think this is a usual kind of job that I get! Nicole is the daughter of my cousin, Paul, and so when Paul announced that he was going to be a granddad and that Nicole was getting married to Will, her fiance of 2 years, well, it was an easy decision to make to offer my services.

To say we had an amazing time really doesn't say enough! New Zealand is such a beautiful country (and we only got to visit North Island), but even moreso, Kiwis are the most friendly people you can come across - so relaxed, happy, and friendly, but then, who wouldn't be in that sunshine!

An example of that friendliness was in Mike and Julie who, even though they have 6 adorable children, gave over their home and garden for the wedding ceremony. Mike was the celebrant (I love that term - wish we used it here instead of using the word registrar) and he conducted a lovely ceremony for the two of them in the most spectacular of backdrops near to Te Puke.

Paul and his wife Shirley were clearly proud parents, and grandparents, with Shirley not only being Mother of the Bride but also looking after the adorable 3 month old Addison - sadly due to sleep times we didn't get the photographs of Nicole, Will and Addison so we did a shoot a couple of days later (those pictures to follow shortly). And Sophie (Nicole's sister) and cousin Emily were beautiful as bridesmaids, with Elliot as ringbearer.

It's difficult to showcase a wedding in such a spectacular location with a handful of pictures, but I've tried below. I feel like I've missed out so many beautiful pictures though!

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