13 August 2012

Jo and Paul's Knowsley Hall Wedding Part 2 - A Very Special Day

Most weddings have something very special about them - and Jo and Paul's wedding was no different in that respect. But it was the things that made the day special that were different. Like Jo's niece and sister-in-law helping her to get dressed, her Uncle Bobby (hi Uncle Bobby!) joining Jo's brother Mark to walk her down the aisle, the ducks and the sheep (don't ask on the sheep - but Wayne from Knowsley Hall did a great job bringing it along to the meal!), and the amazing dragon fly that landed on Jo's dress, and stayed on Paul's finger for ages when he tried to shoo it away.

Eleanor assisted me with the wedding taking place on a Tuesday (Rob likes to tell everyone he is a wage slave, so he was at work and couldn't join me), and we really enjoyed ourselves with their family and friends - and I think I may even have converted Jo's friend Hayley into believing she can look good in photographs!

This is only a small sneak peek of the photographs, but I just know Jo and Paul are going to love them! As always, Knowsley Hall looked amazing, particularly as we were lucky enough to have the sun out, and Wayne and the team excelled again, looking after everyone with a style and grace that only Knowsley Hall can deliver.

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