24 September 2012

Matt and Natasha's Rainhill Wedding and Knowsley Hall Reception

They say that it's the bride's prerogative to be late, don't they? But evenso Matt and Natasha's wedding was a fabulous day -  in fact, I think the fact that Natasha was a little bit late added a bit of excitement to the ceremony, helped by the sun shining down, and a smile on everyone's face. Many years ago I used to visit St Ann's church in Rainhill, but I've never photographed a wedding there, so it was a treat to be able to be there in my capacity of wedding photograph, and to meet the adorable Colin, the church verger who himself is a wedding photographer (he's been doing it for almost as many years as I've been alive though!).

Matt and Natasha couldn't have asked for a better day, with a little touch of blue in the sky after the earlier rain of the day. Natasha looked beautiful, with her hair and makeup expertly done by Sian and Robyn from Liverpool's So Coco Rouge, and a gorgeous dress that suited her perfectly - and I loved the colour of her bridesmaids' dresses.

From the church, Matt and Natasha were driven to Knowsley Hall (with a fab sweet trolley made by Natasha's step dad and filled with sweets by her mum). Guests were welcomed by a beautiful ice sculpture for the seating plan, and there was a wishing tree for them to leave their messages on too.  

The two of them fitted perfectly into the Hall's grandeur, with Matt looking rather dapper in his tails (tall men always look perfect in tails!). I love the photograph I managed to capture of Matt with his groomsmen in the Walnut Drawing Room - they all look so at home there! And a special mention has to be made for a special bridesmaid - Natasha's sister Coral was brilliant, thinking of everything for Natasha, and making sure she had the best day she could have - everyone needs a Coral!

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