19 February 2008

1940s Themed Fashion Shoot

On Sunday I worked on a fantastic fashion shoot in London where I was recreating a 1940s theme.  It was such great fun, with Nina of Ninas Vintage Hair in Waterloo, London - www.ninasvintageandretrohair.com - doing the hair styling, and Theo and Fleur being our 1940s models.  It was quite bizarre watching these normal girls from our era transforming into young ladies of the 40s!  

In order to get the look right I researched 1940s fashion photography, and other photographs of the era, including looking through photographs of 40s Hollywood stars.  It was really interesting to see how photographic styles have changed as well as the ways in which we pose models today in comparison to the 40s. But it was also interesting to see more of how the 40s has influenced fashion photography of today.

At the moment I can't post the images that I have taken as they are for a book, so I have to wait for permissions for me to use them on my blog, but I am so excited, I can't wait to show you some of them!  The whole feeling of the 40s comes across straight away.

Quick update!!!!
I have just seen a print out of one of the photographs in the style that it will be printed in the book, and it looks amazing - so exciting!  I actually had tears in my eyes when I looked at it, and I feel so proud that I have created the photographs that are going in the book.  We are now planning the second shoot, when we hope to finish all the work off before all the final work gets done on the book.  This is so exciting, and I do wish I could share some of the photographs, but in time I will be able to!

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