03 March 2008

10 Tips for Brides - Getting the Most out of your Wedding Photographs: Part 2

So, as a follow up to the 10 Tips for Brides, I have a few more tips to add which I hope you find helpful.

  1. Do your research - buy magazines and tear out photographs you like - with a good photographer you can discuss with them what it is about these tear sheets that you like, and they will be able to help you achieve the look you like.
  2. When it comes to your wedding day, think about where you are going to get ready - a tiny room will have very little space for the photographer, your mum, your bridesmaids, the dress, all the essential extras  and, oh yes, you to actually get into.  You may end up needing to move furniture out, or use the living room to get changed if you are wanting photographs to be taken as you get ready.
  3. When it comes to getting your makeup done, it is likely that your makeup artist will suggest that you are the last to be done as the bride - no-o-o-o-o-o!  Have your hair and makeup done first - if there are any delays then let them affect a bridesmaid who is not too worried, or who can do her own makeup if necessary.  Allow yourself time to relax - and allow yourself time to have photographs taken.  You will be surprised at how many brides are late getting ready because the makeup artist took longer than they anticipated.
  4. Show your photographer the little detail things - even if you like candid photographs, if you are giving your bridesmaids or groomsmen a present, let the photographer know so that they can take the photograph of the gift giving.
  5. Before you put your dress on go to the toilet!  It may be a bit more difficult once you are in your dress.
  6. If you have gorgeous shoes you may not want to walk across the grass in them to get that perfect photograph.  Rather than spoiling the photo opportunity, take some nice flip flops along with  - the photographer may be able to put them in their car for you.  That way you can take your beautiful shoes off for the time you are walking across the grass.
  7. And what if it's been raining?  Buy some great wellies and leave them at the venue so that you can walk across damp grass - the wellies can look great in the photographs too!
  8. Check with your photographer to see if they have umbrellas for the inevitable shower we get in the UK summer!  Most will have more than one to keep you dry.
  9. Accept now that weather in the UK is temperamental and don't let it affect your day - a good photographer will make the most of whatever the weather is, and will make the most of you on your wedding day regardless of the weather.
  10. Use your groomsmen and bridesmaids - make sure they know the people who will need to be in photographs, give them jobs to make sure that the right people are available to be photographed (including getting people out of the bar!) and give them things to carry for you such as your shoes and flowers.
I'm sure there will be more tips to follow in the next week or two - the more I think about this the more I find that things pop into my head!

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