10 March 2008

Experiencing Ireland's Charms!

I have just had a fantastic weekend over in Galway in Ireland, where I was working with Mike Patterson on a wedding at Cloghan Castle, part way between Galway and Shannon - more of that later.  I wanted to share with you the photograph I took yesterday when we went into the countryside - I never take landscape photographs, but I got very excited about the scenery and managed to snap this beautiful landscape.  This is going to have to be framed to go on our wall!

And I was also really pleased to be able to take a photograph of Galway wedding and portrait photographer, Mike Patterson, when we snatched a moment's break during the wedding at Cloghan Castle.


Big thanks to Mike and Maire for making me feel so welcome - and ensuring I tasted the full range of Irish hospitality, including (of course) plenty of Guinness!  Yummmmmm.


  1. Hi Zoe,

    It was a fantastic weekend and I can't thank you enough for all the help, support & guidance you provided.

    Next time we wont bother with the wedding stuff and just focus on the scenery and Guinness HAHAHA

  2. Happy to help, Mike - it was my pleasure as always.

    And looking forward to coming over again and just checking out the quality of that Guinness and scenery a bit more!

    Thanks for a great time.