06 April 2008

Charm, Birkdale - Fashion Shoot

On a rainy day in early March I took my car in for its service, so I had no transport for the day.  I needed to go into Birkdale in Southport, and from our house that means the easiest way to get there is walking, which normally I wouldn't mind.  But that day it was pouring down and I was soaked through.  As I got to Birkdale Village I passed a gorgeous fashion boutique I had been meaning to visit for months, so, soaking wet, I decided that I might as well call in.  And that was the start of a wonderful new relationship with Keith and Michelle, the owners.

Yesterday Keith and I took Abi, our model and part-time assistant in the boutique, into Liverpool along with a broad range of the clothes and bags from the store to photograph them for Charm's new website (click on the title above to go straight to the Charm site).

Here is a small selection of photographs that we were able to get in the freezing cold weather (Abi just pretended it was the Caribbean!)

This is Keith's favourite photograph - have to agree with him that I love it, but I think the one above, with Abi holding the bag is my favourite ... sorry Keith!
We went over to Sefton Park at the end of the afternoon to photograph the Boutique range - I just love this outfit that Abi is wearing.
The rest of the shoot was done at The Rope Walks in Liverpool - I love photographing there because there are so many different looks in one small square.

Big thanks to Abi for working so hard in such cold conditions, and managing to pull off the pretense that the weather was so much warmer.  My only regret of the day is that we didn't take some photographs on Lark Lane, which we would have loved to do, but we ran out of time.  Maybe next time

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