20 May 2008

Bridal Photographs in Southport

What an amazing day!  A bridal shoot with everyone kitted out like brides for the day!  

It started early for the girls, none of whom are professional models, who all had their hair designed and styled by Shush, Southport's Bridal Hair Salon, based in Birkdale.  Make-up was beautifully applied by Becky and Sian Louise who made each girl shine.  We then got them dressed up in the most stunning dresses from The Wedding Rooms in Formby - designs included were Marylise, Ellis Bridal and Imogene.  

And finally, after everyone got dressed and titivated in my studio we crossed over the road to Owens Restaurant on Hoghton Street in Southport as Tony Owen and Clare were kind enough to lend us their space in the restaurant for the shoot.

Here is just a small sample of the wonderful photographs we were able to capture today, starting with a group photograph - thank you to all the girls involved, and thanks too to Shush, The Wedding Room, Becky, Sian Louise and Tony Owen.


  1. Oh My, Zoe, these are quite the most gorgeous photographs ever, I also quite like that wallpaper :D

    Fabulous work :)

  2. Thanks Mandy - and didn't the girls do a great job? Not one of them a model, but all were really professional and did exactly as I directed them to!

    And yes, that wallpaper is cool isn't it?