04 May 2009

Danielle and Jason's Wedding Photographs

Friday, May Day, saw the wedding of a great couple, Danielle and Jason, with the wedding in Clevedon and the reception at the Cheltenham Chase Hotel. It was a lovely day, with lovely people, and I felt well cared for and looked after all day long. It was a real delight! Here is a small selection of photographs from the day.

I think I may have a thing about shoes this weekend - I threw out 8 pairs yesterday, no woman should have to throw out that many shoes in one go! But hey, at least I can enjoy looking at Danielle's wedding shoes, they were gorgeous!

Mum's have such lovely ways of grooming their children, and here I caught Donya doing just that.

I love the way Peter, Danielle's dad, is reflected in the car window in this shot.
It's those shoes again!

Danielle and Jason had this shot in mind when they first booked me last year, so I was glad to be able to capture it with such an amazing sky.
Mrs Bamfield the elder who couldn't join the reception, so we were able to capture this gorgeous image at the church
I love doing family groups in a way that shows all the members of the family off, just like in this photograph.

The first dance, ahhhhh.
Thank you for a lovely day, Danielle, Jason, Peter, Donya, Lauren, Andrew, Liam, Kelly, Peter and Karen, you all made me feel very welcome all day long.


  1. I particularly love the car window reflection shot.

  2. Glorious! I love that shot where they are looking out over the water... :)

  3. Lovely work as always Zoe, I especially like the shot where they are looking out across the water.

  4. Thanks everyone! Can't wait to hear what Danielle and Jason think of them!

  5. I love my reflection in the car window too ...... (father of the bride).

    Zoe, you were fantastic on the day and as we found out in Italy, a true professional and a wonderful friend.

    Many thanks from Peter, Donya, Andrew, Lauren, and of course, Danielle & Jason.

    we can't wait to see the rest of the photos

  6. Peter it was a real privilege to be involved in such a fabulous day! Can't wait for Danielle and Jason to get home so that they can view their images!