13 May 2009

Heather and Andrew's Wedding, The Nunsmere, Cheshire

On Saturday we were at The Nunsmere in Cheshire to photograph the wedding and handfasting ceremony of Heather and Andrew. We were really fortunate to work alongside Sarah and Tanya of Sarah Haywood Weddings who must be about the best wedding planners in the UK. It made my day so much easier!

I love this photograph of Heather - my work is heavily influenced by art, and I love it when I can create the opportunity to make an image that has that feeling of art about it.

With Andrew wearing the top hat I just had to play around with the half face image! It's not often you get grooms wearing top hats, and they just lend themselves to creating a different kind of portrait.

After the civil ceremony we all went out into the grounds of The Nunsmere and Heather and Andrew had a handfasting ceremony, with Bear and Jo as the officiants. It was a really beautiful ceremony, and lovely to observe.

Heather and Andrew had a mount board for everyone to sign that used one of their engagement photographs where they were running away from the camera - they wanted to recreate that image on the wedding day, and thankfully the grounds to The Nunsmere gave a gorgeous backdrop for doing this.

We hoped we might get an image with the moon, but sadly after working for such a long day I ran out of energy well before the moon was high enough in the sky. But even so, I love this night shot we managed to capture before Rob and I left for the night.


  1. Oh Zoe, they're stunning! You are amazing and I can't wait to see you again :)

  2. WOW! Zoe, these are stunning! However are we going to wait until after our honeymoon to see the rest of them?! I can't believe how beautiful they are -- thank you and Rob for capturing our day so very well! *hugs*

  3. car headlights for the last but one picture?? ;-)) Looks like a style we used once hahaha

    Great set of images Zoe

  4. @ Heather glad you like them - can't wait to show you the rest

    @ Jo, thank you and I look forward to seeing you again too

    @ Mike LOL, yes, similar concept but not the car headlamps as I'd have had to have Rob driving over a rather nice lawn! But video light. It works nicely, doesn't it?