15 April 2010

Special Project - Portrait Shoots

I need help! I am working on a very special project and I need people who are prepared to be photographed for it. The theme of the shoot is "First Thing" and I want to photograph people doing what they do first thing in the morning - be it a quick smoke before getting up, a slow stretch, a cuddle with the kids, a coffee, a shower (not full nudity), reading the paper, brushing the kids' hair - whatever it is you do first thing, I want to record it for this special project. Hair will be the way hair is when you get up, and no makeup - unless you're putting it on!

The photographs will be taken in your home - bedroom, bathroom, living room, kitchen, garden, wherever your day starts. And need to be taken over the next 2 months or so. Oh, and one promise - this is not a sales exercise! Anyone who helps me out with this will get a little thank you of a 7x5 print.

Email me at info@zoephotography.co.uk to get involved.

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