27 September 2010

Jenny and Duane's Crosby Wedding and Racquet Club Reception in Liverpool

Some weddings are just so full of love it's quite overwhelming - and so I cried at Saturday's wedding, there, I'm not ashamed to say it!  The great feeling of love started at Jenny's parents house, where it was clear to see the close bond between them all, and it carried on throughout the day.  

This was a truly family affair - Jenny is one of those mum's that I wish I'd been able to be for my daughter, so calm and collected, and very assured as a mother.  She is surrounded by love and is passing that on to her 3 beautiful boys.

But this wasn't just a wedding about love - it was also about the shoes!

These two pairs of shoes really are to die for!

There was love, laughter and tears all through the day - tears of joy and love of course.

And being a family wedding, this one was definitely about the children too.

If you look closely you can see that this little girl is playing on her dad's iPhone - they start early these days!

And a beautiful couple - bringing together 2 families from separate parts of the world.

Finally, it didn't take much to persuade Duane, his brothers and his dad to have a quick game of snooker when everyone was taking their seats for the meal.

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