05 March 2012

March Madness Special Portrait Offer in Liverpool

At Zoe Photography in Liverpool we seldom do special offers for our portrait and CityShoot sessions - why? Well, we think that it's best to be open and honest in business. But feedback from our clients tells us that some of you are unsure about spending £125 on a photo shoot, or £175 on a shoot with hair styling and makeup - it's a risk if you have never had the Zoe Photography experience before. How do you know that you're going to love having your photograph taken, how can you know that the experience of having your photograph taken by Zoe is more than just having your picture taken, how can you know that this will be one of the most amazing experiences of your life? How can you know? So it's a risk, isn't it? 

Well, we have taken that risk away - we are doing a March Madness not-to-be-missed special offer!

What's the deal with Zoe Photography in Liverpool, then?  Let's celebrate motherhood! Throughout March you can buy a CityShoot Single for just £25 which buys you the shoot with a little bit of pampering with hair and makeup and a 6x4 print (worth £250).  Most of us have more fun being with our closest friends and family - let's face it, we women seldom shop alone, drink coffee alone, go to the toilet alone, so why be photographed alone? How about our CityShoot Duo for £45 which buys you the shoot, a little bit of pampering for both of you, and a 6x4 print for each of you (worth £450). 

How can we do this at such an amazing price? Because we know you will enjoy the whole experience - you will enjoy the relaxation of being pampered, you will love being photographed (honestly, we know you will love being photographed by Zoe), you will love love love the photographs when you see them, you will feel fabulous and you will look great. How do we know this? Because our clients tell us - and we know you are beautiful - you just forgot that you're beautiful, you've been listening to the wrong people, those people who want to bring you down just because you ARE beautiful.

Buy this for your mum, your nan, your sister, yourself (and guys, don't forget the wife!). For the Duo, which is such a great deal, buy it for your mum and his mum, your mum and your nan, your wife and your daughter, your sisters, your mother-in-law and her daughters, your daughters, your bestfriends.

And because we know you're going to find it hard to resist buying everything, well, everything you buy on the day of your ordering session comes with 20% off, or if you can't make up your mind there and then, don't worry, we will give you a 24 hour gallery (at a time in the next 7 days that suits you) and you get 10% off all purchases from your gallery.  On Facebook? Then like our Facebook business page and we will give you the photograph you choose as a Facebook ready photo.

But don't wait long to take up this offer - we announced it at the weekend on Facebook and everything is going crazy, so email us now before we close the offer down!  Or call 0151 708 5838 to talk to Kathryn or Zoe about how we work.

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