13 March 2012

Zoe Photography donates Makeover Photo Shoot to NWCRF- Making Every Woman Feel Special

Zoe and I had a lovely time at the North West Cancer Research Fund 'Girl's Night In' on Friday night next door at the Resident's Bar at Hope Street Hotel. 

I think what I liked in particular was that a) I got to wear my pyjamas and b) I got to get into bed and with the big cold I had last week it was definitely my type of party!!! I thought I would share with you a few photographs of Zoe and I in bed with the lovely Ruth from Hope Street Hotel. It is rare to see us on the other side of the camera so it was nice that Matt Ford was able to photograph us playing round.

 1 in 3 women are affected by cancer and the NWCRF are doing an incredible job of helping to change lives. As you will probably hear us say (a lot), women are beautiful, women are resilient, women deserve to feel special. Zoe and I were asked to donate some prizes for the best dressed pjs on the evening and we were delighted to be able to do so, and the prize was easy to decide on, our City Shoots. We are in such a privileged position that we get to give women a little pampering with hair styling and make up and a fabulous photoshoot followed by refreshments at the London Carriage Works. Every women needs reminding of how special they are and we love that we get to do that.

Women are beautiful inside and out and we are fortunate to be able to help all types of women see the beauty in themselves again.


  1. Great cause and looks great fun, I look forward to seeing the pictures of the lucky winner.

  2. Thank you so much for donating the prizes!! It was so lovely to meet you both! I hope you had a lovely night. Katie x