22 October 2012

It's Your Wedding, Not a Fashion Shoot

In 2008, 2009, 2010 I won a series of awards, one of them being Fashion Photographer of the Year. And so with such a strength in fashion photography you might expect that I want to force fit fashion into every wedding. Sure, my wedding photography is influenced by fashion, but that's as far as it goes. I've noticed recently that more and more photographers, particularly the newer ones, are showcasing weddings as if they are fashion shoots, courses are being marketed to photographers about fashion photography that are advertised with a model in a wedding dress, and people are using pictures taken at courses to create a portfolio to get work as a wedding photographer - and so I've decided it's time to set the record straight.

On your wedding day, I respect that this is a solemn occasion with moments of happiness, some with tears, and lots with laughter. The bottom line is that this is your wedding day, it's not a fashion shoot, it's not a photo shoot. It's your wedding.

I promise to direct you to create some amazing photographs, and I also promise to capture natural moments of beauty and emotion as they happen. But most importantly, I promise not to take over your day with a fashion shoot designed to grace the pages of my website. Your photographs will reflect the two of you, the kind of people you are, the relationship you have together, and who you are with your family and friends.

You may, and probably will, feel like your photographs look like you were featured in a magazine, particularly when you hear from your friends how fabulous you look in photographs I've taken of you - but none of them will have been taken as if we're on a fashion shoot. All of them will be captured in moments of happiness, telling the story of what really happened on your wedding day, not the story that some photographer decides should be told of the two of you.

Let's get back to reality - let's photograph the wonderful and true story of your wedding!

Photographs from Emma and Aron's wedding earlier this year.

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