10 December 2012

What a Weekend! The Business of Wedding Photography Book is Coming

This has been something of a whirlwind of a weekend. For sometime now I've been writing a book for wedding photographers on the business side of things and just not getting on far enough with it. And then I came across Alicia Dunams via Creative Live who was offering a virtual bootcamp, online training over an intensive weekend to take you from concept to publication. Now, Alicia is based in the US, and as far as time zones are concerned for me, the wrong side of the US! So the course didn't start each day until the evening, and went on into the early hours fo the morning. I'm exhausted, but it's worth it.

Some readers who follow my Facebook business page will have noticed that I have had exercises to complete over the weekend, including helping me get the title right - I think that still needs a bit of tweaking.

The working title is (it keeps changing!) "The Business of Wedding Photography: How to start and grow a profitable wedding photography business".

I am interested in including real life experiences from photographers in business and aspiring wedding photographers. Please email me (click here to email) if you have a story to tell and are happy to share it, and if you have a moment, I would really value you taking a few minutes to answer this short survey - click here to complete the survey. I know some of you have helped with a really short survey on Facebook - this one goes into a little more detail, so please answer using this survey if you are happy to help.

A huge thank you goes out to Alicia Dunams, and to the Bestseller in a Weekend community that I shared this workshop with. I'd give some particular mentions, but I think there are just too many and I'd miss some out. I am really excited to be getting my book finished and published, with a view to a launch date on 1st March 2013 (just in time for Focus on Imaging).

Thank to everyone who has helped so far, and who has agreed to help me in the coming weeks. This book can only help wedding photography as an industry.

Oh, and one more thing - there's a free e-book for everyone who completes the survey, as a little thank you for your help.

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