10 April 2012

Chloe and Mark's Wedding at St Mary's Waterloo and Leverhulme Hotel and Spa

Easter Sunday was a bit of a grey day - unless you were Chloe and Mark and all their family and friends, because it was a perfect day for a wonderful wedding. Chloe's dress, and her choice of dresses for her bridesmaids, was gorgeous, and Mark looked perfect in his blue lounge suit.  Someone had booked a dove release, unbeknownst to both Chloe and Mark, but they looked so sweet next to the arch at the entrance to the church.

The flowers were beautiful - but then I wouldn't expect anything less from David Beckham-Doyle. His artistic flair always comes out in his flower displays, and for Chloe and Mark the flowers complemented all the details well. I particularly loved the cherry blossom wishing tree!

After the ceremony we travelled across the water to the Leverhulme Hotel and Spa - a lovely backdrop for any wedding, nestled in Port Sunlight village, where their family and friends celebrated in style - such lovely families and friends! This is definitely one of those venues where you run out of time before you run out of places to take photographs!

And the wedding would not have been complete without a perfect cake, as Karen, Chloe's mum, runs The Cake Shop in Central Station concourse in Liverpool - but that deserves a blog post all of its own!  For now, here is the sneak peak for Chloe and Mark - I know they're just going to love their pictures!

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