29 April 2012

CityShoot Makeover Photo Shoots in Liverpool - Special Offer for May and June.

Do you like to know upfront what you're likely to pay for something? I know I do. So that's what's behind our May/June 2012 offer .... but there's only 5 per month available!!!! Make sure you visit www.zoephotography.co.uk and go to our special offers for more information!

So what do we have? You can buy the CityShoot Special or the CityShoot Extra Special. The Special is just £325 and is jammed packed full of goodies for you - but if that's not enough you can enjoy the Extra Special which is jammed packed even more full of goodies for just £450. You get to take home your choice of framed photograph, plus images on a CD with full printing rights! AND you have your makeup done, plus the shoot, and with the Extra Special you get to enjoy afternoon tea at The London Carriageworks!

Our promise to you - no hard sell ... though we can't promise you won't want to buy ALL the photographs!

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