16 April 2012

What to wear for your CityShoot Makeover Photo Shoot in Liverpool?

There is one question we get asked time and again before our CityShoots in Liverpool, so here are a few tips.

Firstly, let's break this down to men and women. Guys, it's always best to think in terms of layering. And use different colours when you layer as this helps to slim you down. Also, open necked shirts, v-necked jumpers and jackets create an illusion - avoid round necks, and never wear stripes, checks, heavy patterns or logos. Remember, one block of colour and totally square tops (like t-shirts and sweatshirts) tend not to be a good look.

For the ladies, again, layering is a useful technique with jackets, a scarf, a cardigan, but if you're wanting to look a little bit sexy, then think about a mix of textures, something with a v-neck, and maybe something with a scoop neck (a lower neckline though, not up by your neck). Think about figure hugging, and bring pants and a top as well as a dress.

If you want to go a little bit boudoir, then make sure you have your gorgeous underwear. Corsets and all-in-ones can look fabulous. And remember the heels - although we rarely photograph full length, your high shoes will throw your body into a better shape for photographs. And we may capture one or two shots with those beautiful shoes in there too!

So what about the colour palette? Keep to the same colour palette - that's easy for me to say as an artist, but what does that actually mean? It's all about wearing similar colours - so blues, pinks, beiges, greys.  Here is an example of two colour palettes that work well. You could choose to go with the lilac/purple tones, or select the blue/grey tones.

An alternative colour palette might be to choose from the dark blue/grey colour scheme or the beige tones.

And another option with greys or pinks ...

When you're planning as a family or a group of friends make sure that no-one chooses a strong bright colour as a contrast to the colour palette, or as the only person wearing a strong colour, as this then stands out in all the photographs.

So when you're preparing for your shoot bring a range of clothes - which might be more than we will actually use. And if you are coming with family members then talk to each other about what colour palette you are going to work with.

And remember accessories that match - and that goes for men with their shoes too! Bring scarves, necklaces, a jacket, earrings and those gorgeous shoes!

One final word - if you don't know or are unsure then take a quick snap of what you're planning to bring, email it over to us and we can advise you about how the choices you've made will work in the photographs.

We look forward to seeing you soon with your lovely outfits for your CityShoot.

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