16 June 2012

We're On The Move

After a rather protracted process we eventually exchanged contracts on the sale of our current home, and the purchase of our new one. We decided to move because of Rob, my husband, having MS. Most of the time he's absolutely fine, but we are concerned about what the future might hold for him and thought it best to move into single level dwelling whilst he could be fully involved in the move.

The flat we are buying is in Ormskirk, so I'm going back to my roots as I was born and brought up there. As it's a new build at the moment it's pretty much a blank canvas, as you can see in the photographs below. But I shall enjoy working on the interior design!  

Here is the living room and our bedrooms.

And this is the kitchen, the hallway and the views from our balcony - how on earth did I manage to sneak a bit of blue sky into that one picture!

We move in 2 weeks, so the packing has begun in earnest! But I'm not sure I dare show you the photographs of the piles of boxes!

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  1. Good luck with the move and the decorating! The apartment looks fabulous xxx