22 June 2012

Wedding Photographs for Gill and Richard who Marry at The Vincent, Southport

Some weddings you find you cry, some weddings you laugh .... Saturday's wedding was definitely one for laughing! Even when Gill was crying - hang on, that sounds mean! She was laughing whilst crying too, honestly!

I first met Gill at a school Ladies Night for Farnborough Road Junior School in Birkdale, Southport - that must have been going on for about 5 years ago. Then I photographed Gill's sister's children shortly after Thomas was born. More recently I photographed the baby of one of Gill's closest friend's cousin (confused yet?), and so it seemed inevitable that I would photograph Gill's wedding when it came along.

But this was no ordinary wedding for me, what with the connections to the couple over the last few years, and with Richard being kind enough to organise a special treat for me last Autumn, which meant we spent a fair bit of time all getting to know each other. You see, Richard is responsible for the Blackpool Illuminations, and so Rob and I had the excitement of the behind-the-scenes tour of last season's lights! And I got to pull the original switch that used to put the lights on. Believe me, that's a truly exciting thing to do!

So last weekend we reached the middle of summer, and you'd expect the sun to be shining - but oh no, this summer we seem to be having autumn! So in the wind and the rain Gill and Richard got married at Southport's boutique hotel, The Vincent. It was a wedding with a lot going on, from the Routemaster bus that brought everyone from Blackpool to Southport, and that collected Gill and her family too, to a visit from Laurel and Hardy - and Stan gave up his 122nd birthday to be there with a few magic tricks up his and Olly's sleeves!

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