26 August 2007

The Richards Family Get Fit!!

Well, we needed to do it! We have all been piling the weight on all summer, so Rob has had a tow bar fitted to his car, we've bought a trailer thing for the bikes to go on, and we're off in search of the perfect traffic-free cycle tracks in the North West of England. I haven't cycled much at all in the last 5 or 6 years, but we all used to love cycling, and we love watching the Tour de France. This year's Tour of Britain goes almost passed our house, so we'll be having to watch that too!

Our first trip out wasn't far from home to be honest, but having the bike trailer meant that we could miss out the first 3 miles of the route, all of which is along a really busy road into Liverpool which would have scared the living daylights out of Ellie. We went to the Cheshire Lines path, which is built along an old railway line, and enjoyed a leisurely cycle for around 10 miles. I say liesurely, well, it was easy going out, but on the way back I discovered we'd had the wind behind us - it was quite a struggle after we'd turned around!

I'm hoping the exercise will help me lose the extra pounds, so I'll keep a photographic record of how we do - I just couldn't bear to take a photograph today though! On Wednesday we're going to Glasson Docks near Lancaster, so I promise to take the camera along there with us.

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