26 August 2007

This is me!

Here is a photograph taken by the wonderfully talented David Williams when he was visiting us from Australia in June - that's me in the front, and Rob and Ellie in the background. We were really lucky to have David stay with us when he was running his 'Almost Alone ' course in Southport - many photographers will know of David as he is a caring and sharing guy who teaches you so much about understanding who you are as a photographer. As a family we feel really privileged to have been touched by David, and look forward to welcoming him into our home again.
And talking of 'Almost Alone', I am very alone this weekend, as Rob and Ellie have gone to the Leeds festival - the annual father/daughter bonding session. Truthfully I think that Rob is reliving his youth, and is really chuffed that he has a daughter who loves the same music as he does! Me? Well, I love the music, just not the crowds! So I am staying home to look after the dog - someone has to!

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