31 August 2007

Thanks from Kate and Andy

Got this email today from Kate and Andy. It's this kind of email that highlights the joys of being a photographer, when you can help bring extra helpings of happiness into peoples' lives - and they heap it onto you too! It leaves you with a warm and fuzzy feeling!

I have just finished looking through our photo's for about the 7th time this evening. THEY ARE AMAZING…

We have been absolutely bowled over by the stunning pictures you have taken and how you seemed to capture the whole 'mood' of the day which was 'love and fun,'

There are so many special moments you have captured that Andy and I just can't quite believe how you took them (did you become invisble for some part of the day?) I LOVE the ones you took of Andy in my Dad's conservatory… the ones of Dad, Freya and I before we got in the car, the ones of Freya coming down the stairs, the outdoor ones - just far too many to mention.
I have posted the photo's on confetti and had nothing but positive replies - my uncle and aunt saw them aswell this evening and my uncle had a tear in his eye! I too, have just cried when I read your blog… In you we feel as if we have found a friend. Thank you so much.

To have you at our wedding was a complete honour… a true professional and a lady too. You touched our hearts with the way you have captured our special day and the important people we had sharing it with us. Some of the photo's are truly stunning, original and I think it shows how much fun we had with the photo's with the amount of times we were laughing !

So once again, THANK YOU… Friends, family, Kevin (my driver) and Glynnis (the catering manageress at Wigan Town Hall!) have all commented on how lovely you were!

With lots of love and many many many thanks,
Kate Morris.

p.s. Freya has a new teddy bear which she has called Oe - as in 'Zoe' without the 'Z' - we presume this is because of you."

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